Who disappoints women the most – Kim Kardashian or Kate Moss? This new study uncovers an uncomfortable truth

Who disappoints women Kim Kardashian or Kate Moss
Who disappoints women Kim Kardashian or Kate Moss

A study conducted by the researchers Sarah McComb and Jennifer Mills at York University in Toronto; Canada says that Kim Kardashian’s hourglass figure is more harmful for women’s body image than Kate Moss’ thin frame.

Kim Kardashian is a perfect example of ‘hourglass’ figure

The study has been published in the journal Body Image. 

The researchers identified more than 400 female undergraduate students, all between the ages of 18 and 25 years to conduct this study.

Women were shown Instagram photos of either ‘slim-thick’, ‘thin’ or ‘fit-ideal’ body types. They were asked to compare themselves to three body ideals. The researchers found women exposed to ‘slim-thick’ photos experienced more dissatisfaction towards their own weight and appearance.

The experts found the ‘slim-thick’ body ideal was worse for body dissatisfaction. ‘Slim-thick’ or ‘hourglass’ figure describes women with a ‘large butt and thighs and small waist and flat stomach’

A ‘thin’ body describes slender shapes with flat stomachs and small waists, like Kate Moss, and ‘fit’ describes more toned and athletic female physiques.

Experts believe that the pressure felt by young women to attain a Kim Kardashian type physique could be even more harmful than pressure in society to be ultra-thin.

An example of a ‘fit’ woman is Jillian Michaels, a US personal trainer, businesswoman, author and TV personality.

The study further says that three types of body-ideal imagery resulted in greater weight and appearance dissatisfaction and less overall body satisfaction. The study may set the alarm bell ringing in young women across the world who often compromise on nutrition to maintain an hourglass figure which ultimately destroys their health and self-confidence.