Astrology Works But You Need To Show Perseverance, Expecting Miracles Will Only Leave You Disappointed

Expecting Miracles Will Only Leave You Disappointed
Expecting Miracles Will Only Leave You Disappointed

Astrology works or doesn’t is a long debate. There are many who believe in it wholeheartedly while there are also those who discard it as a bogus practice. Naysayers may have their reasons but like any other science based system, astrology too works on the basis of trial and error. There is no one size fit all policy.

Expecting Miracles Will Only Leave You Disappointed

What works and what doesn’t?

When you are consulting an Astrologer for the first time, do not expect accurate feedback. An astrologer may need adequate information before he gives you a remedy. Always ensure that you are accurate in terms of basic information related to you such as date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. A competent astrologer will study all the aspects before giving you a deeper reading, and solutions that may work wonders for you.


Gemstones are mainly made up of minerals such as jet and amber rocks.  Gemstones are every effective for remedies of planets. 


These are seeds that are found specifically on high mountain regions in Himalayas. They have vibrant energy and power that results in changes in one’s mind.

Powerful Yantra

There are Yantras for planets and deities that define the role of a person. They are very much effective for people in remedial measures.


Crystals are made in the form of Shivalinga. They are powerful in worshipping and act as a remedial measure for various planets.


There are Gayatri mantra or Stuti Mantras. Effective use of these mantras can bring in significant changes in a person life.

Astrology Disappoint
Astrology has limitations

Astrology has limitations

Astrology has its limitations and you need to respect that. An astrologers may not be able to answer all questions but he can give you a broad direction to deal with usual challenges that life throws. He will study alignment of stars and other such basics before suggesting anything to you.

Perseverance is key

You should understand that nothing happens overnight and all big changes take place over a period of time. Listen to your astrologer will full attention and patience, understand what he is trying to say and keep asking him questions to get the clear picture. Do not assume anything instead get clear about everything.