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A Condom’s wish for Ranbir-Alia wedding


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A likely condom’s wish for Ranbir-Alia wedding if it had the choice

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The celebrations of Ranbir-Alia were nothing less than ‘Magnum Opus’. Alongside the regular congratulatory messages, a condom company posted a funny wish. That got me thinking, only if the condom had a mind of its own what it would say to the couple. Here are 5 songs through which you can strike a communication with a condom if possible.


‘Main Hoon Na’

I (condom) shall provide you an enjoyable and stress-free homey moon night. ‘Main hu Na’ no fear, No tear, and comes with assurance that everything would be clear. Although it is from a Sharukh’s movie the song regarding an advice from a condom.

Arre Darta kyu hai ‘ Kar har Maidaan Fateh’

I would also advice Ranbir to ‘ Fikr Not’ and ‘Karle Har Maidaan Fateh’. For those not knowing the iconic song is from the movie ‘Sanju’. The iconic song sung by Sukhwinder Singh, is a serious song. However, the lyrics can add a fun element.

‘Tu Hai ki Nahi’ from the movie

Another of the epic song from Ranbir’s movie ‘Roy is apt for the occasion. It is nothing less hilarious someone begging to a condom and saying ” Tu Hai Ki Nahi”.

‘Tum Ho Pass Mere’ from Ranbir’s movie Rockstar

Imagine a person singing this song to a condom on his wedding night. One of the most melodious songs if sung to a condom gives the whole scene a funny dimension. ‘Tum Ho Pass mere, Saath mere ho Tum Yu’ can make anyone burst into laughter.

Tum Ho from movie Rockstar

Agar Tum Saath Ho

A condom can express in a Ranbir’s movie song Tamasha. Imagine the song being song to a condom ‘ Agar Tum Saath Ho’ to a condom. Not only the song has the song the melodious tunes, but can be seen as a humorous rendition.


Amul, India’s leading dairy’s message was nothing but cute. The message titled “Patt Mangani, Bhatt Byaah”, shows the Amul girl with a plate of Amul Toast and Butter. Also, Ranbir is shown feeding his new wife with the buttered toast. What a way of linking the occasion to brand endorsement.

Amul on Ranbir-Alia wedding


Another company to post the message was Online Food ordering company Zomato. Zomato’s message was equally unique in its own way. Referring to Ranbir’s and Alia’s movies ‘Salesman of the Year’ and ‘Student of the Year’ it mentioned the following:

Zomato’s message for Ranbir and Alia
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