Mercury Transit In Cancer : July 17th – July 31st, 2022

mercury in cancer

Mercury is transiting in cancer, which is forming auspicious Budha-Aditya yoga. This Budh-Aditya yoga of Sun/Mercury coming together creates a solid foundation for intellectual pursuits – Competitive exams, administration field, and even the Entertainment industry will see a boost. It’s the best time to start new ventures, Business partnerships are being strengthened and existing ones will be renewed under this transit.

Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini and Virgo. It is the fastest planet in our solar system, which is why it’s often associated with communication skills and intellectual prowess. It was named after the Roman god of commerce, trade, travel, and logical thinking because it governs all these things as well.

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This transit will be great for people that have their attention focused on goals and want to succeed. It will also help with creativity and happiness in general. In the first two weeks, you will find yourself facing many opportunities to take action and make progress towards your goals. Depending on what you have planned, it is likely that your plans will be successful. However, even if they are not, this transit can help to provide the motivation required to follow through with your plan and make progress

Mercury transit in Cancer makes us deep thinkers. It can make us emotional but also have enough mental strength, memory and intelligence to acquire knowledge and learn from practical experiences in life.

Mercury symbolizes intelligence, and when it moves through the water sign of Cancer you should take a balanced approach to your plans and decisions. This should be based on facts and not emotions.

During this time there’s a need for subtlety when it comes to communication. Instead of relying on the spoken word, it relies more on intuition and emotions. There will be an increase in Emotional Intelligence and psychic energy – make use of it to express your feelings or any pending confrontations of sensitive nature.

To honor Mercury in the water sign of cancer, the best way is to program water with positive chants, preferably Vishnu Strotam as Lord Vishnu is the presiding Deity of Mercury planet.

Mercury In Cancer Chant.