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Sun Transit In Cancer: Jul 16th to 17th Aug, 2022


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The sun is moving into the sign of cancer today and will be in this sign till 17th August. The sun transit in Cancer signifies a time when the emotional, maternal, delicate side of the self is at its most sensitive. It is a time for caring for oneself and connecting with loved ones. It is also a time to focus on family values and traditions.

The day when Sun shifts from one zodiac to another is called Sankranti and is considered auspicious to do Sun rituals and remedies. It marks the beginning of the new 30days cycle of the Sun’s journey and activates the events related to that particular zodiac.

Cancer is ruled by Moon and its symbol is the crab. It rules the natural fourth house of Mother, Home and Heart.

Sun entering the Moon‘s house- Cancer, where the Soul is meeting the heart, so this month brings in the confluence of emotional, heart-based decisions and inclination towards spending more time with family at home.

In Vedic Astrology, Each year is ruled by a form of 12 Sun Aditya (12 zodiacal signs). Varuna Aditya (God of the Rains & Waters, Earth and Sky) rules the Cancer zodiac sign. Also, referred to as the “Dark Sun” at night or the “Midnight Sun” during the day. He presides over the West Direction and becomes active after Sunset.

One can honour Varuna Aditya by chanting –

|| Aum Ghrini Varuna Adityay Namah ||

The jyotirling associated with the Cancer sign is Omkareshwar, so praying to Lord Shiva during this month with this mantra can bring fruitful results –

“Aum Namah Shivaya Namo Omkareshwaraya”

This whole month is auspicious to pray to Varuna after sunset or around midnight, facing west direction by chanting – Varun Gayatri

People born during the month of July are ruled by Deity Varuna Aditya – He roams the eternal oceans, ensuring that people adhere to moral behavior and set standards. They are always up to the task when something interests them enough. They can have high-ranking authority positions and produce great work. But can become overbearing and overly attached to their way of thinking. They don’t like it when people disagree with them and have the power to take action against their detractors. When they are happy, it feels like the energy of the sun. They often feel deeply with hyper-sensitive emotions.

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The Cancerian is usually quite sentimental and emotional. They usually need a lot of reassurance in order to feel secure in their surroundings and are very sensitive to criticism. They are constantly looking for reassurance and security in the lives of others. The Moon-ruled Cancerian is quite intelligent and has a need to control their environment. They are very caring, empathetic, and compassionate.


The Sun transit in Cancer energy is inspiring, nurturing, and supportive. It’s a time to reflect on the past and take stock of our accomplishments. We can use this time to review our health habits, relationships, or finances for example. We may also find ourselves feeling emotionally sensitive and vulnerable so we should avoid confrontations with others as well as looking at upsetting subjects in the media or on social media. The best time to take stock of your life is when you are feeling good, healthy, and happy. It just isn’t natural for us to feel negative while we are coming up on the Sun. If you want to do something, say, fill out a budget, now is not the time to do it. Spend some time with friends this week and build your energy up instead of breaking it.

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