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The Effects of Moon Transit In Libra and How it Affects Your Personality


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The Moon transit in Libra is known to be a time of peace and harmony. It also brings a sense of balance and fairness in society. Moon Transits in Libra do effect enhancing of social interactions, cooperation, and diplomacy.

The Moon is in Libra, is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty. Venus is about balance and harmony. So the energies of this transit are about finding peace within oneself and with others.

This energy helps one to be more patient, understanding, and appreciative of others. Love is the key word for this cycle. You may find yourself feeling more sensitive to your feelings and other people’s emotions. Use this time to connect with those in your life that you have been avoiding. This is also an opportunity to grow closer to romantic partners, friends, and family members. This is a time of peace, introspection, love, and balance with family members. Use this as an opportunity to connect with your loved ones in a new way.

Zodiac Sign Libra

Positive Effects of  Moon Transit In Libra

1. Better Relationships

It can make you more inclined to want to improve your relationships, especially if you are in a social setting. You may find yourself becoming more aware of how other people feel about you. You may want to make amends for any wrongs that you have inflicted in the past.

2. More Compassion

The Moon in Libra prefers to focus on the needs of others. This can make you more compassionate to those who are suffering or less fortunate than yourself. With your desire to help those around you, you may be more empathetic and understanding when people are struggling with something in their lives.

3. Increased Focus on Self

The Moon in Libra often likes to take care of themselves and their own needs, which are considered essential elements of self-care. You might find yourself becoming more focused on your own health and wellness. This can leave you feeling motivated to take a break from your commitments to care for other people

4. A More Balanced Life

In Libra, we are encouraged to focus on creating a balance in our lives. The balance between work and personal time, which can help us feel more fulfilled in our lives. We also have the opportunity to create a balance between our interactions with others and finding it easier to set boundaries with others. Taking time for your own personal well-being, is also an add on.

5. Increased Creativity

The Moon in Libra can make us more receptive to the thoughts of others, which can lead us to a more creative mind. Similarly, Libra is also associated with increased intellectual capacity and fluid intelligence.

Negative effects of Moon transit in Libra

The Moon’s transit through Libra is a time of emotional upheaval. In the best case, this is when we take an honest look at our relationships. We make changes that will improve them. Not to forget, South Node/Ketu is already travelling through Libra. The meeting of Moon with Ketu in Libra – Sign of Relationships, Partnerships and Balance can surface emotions around these areas of life. It can create detachment, doubts and dissatisfaction and push us to course correct.

The Moon in Libra can also be a time when we lash out irrationally at those closest to us. Even when we find ourselves feeling restless and dissatisfied with the status quo.

Examples of triggers and relationships to relate to Moon Transit in Libra

Significant changes in Moon movement in Libra can trigger the following:

  • Painful Breakup of Significant Other, who might require emotional support.
  • Expectations of the Partner to do things a certain way.
  • Deterioration of mental health of someone who needs counselling
  • Internal Feeling of being blamed for something which they can’t take anymore.


Deal with Negative Effects of Moon Transit In Libra

Although the Moon in Libra symbolizes balance, beauty, and diplomacy. it is also harmonious and interdependent. Additionally, the transit can also be a time of indecision and paralysis. Having said so, this transit can be an excellent time to make peace. It is best to forgive those who have wronged , hurt or are in conflict with us. This transit can be an excellent time to make peace with those who have wronged us. To forgive those who have hurt us, or to take the high road when we are in conflict with others.

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