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Popular Lipstick shades for Everyone


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5 Lipstick Shades that have attained a Cult status

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Any ensemble look is not complete unless accompanied by accessories and make up. An integral part of the Make-Up , a right lip shade can make or mar your overall looks. While a subtle shade at the workplace may be a good idea, a bright shade might just complement a light skin or a dress. The current article brings you leading lipstick shades for everyone.

How the first Lipstick came into being?

The art of Lipstick making is not new, but centuries and centuries old. However, there might be some combinations that would have evolved over time. These popular Lipstick shades have enabled us to personalize our looks according to tones and shades. Some of the top brands have undergone years of research to come up with a perfect colour shade card. Today’s lipsticks have incorporated fruits and flavors, essential oils, and more . Not only do they serve to hydrate, nourish, and make your lips stand out, but also provide plenty of options to chose from. So how to choose from the many combinations? Well you don’t need to. Here are 5 Lipstick shades for everyone at any time.

Ruby Woo (MAC Lipstick)

MAC calls this a vivid red with blue undertones and a true matte finish. We call it the most universally flattering red ever—and it’s got the sales to back that up. According to the brand, it’s the number-one-selling shade in the U.S. “Ruby Woo is the Little Black Dress of makeup,” Gregory Arlt, director of makeup artistry for MAC, once told Glamour. “It’s an essential red that’s chic, matte, sophisticated, playful, and timeless. I’ve only ever seen it look amazing on every skin tone and every age.” Here’s what our team thought.

Black Honey(Clinique Almost Lipstick)

This deep, blackened violet only looks dark in the tube; when you glide it on, it leaves behind only the faintest sheer tint. Clinique launched it in the early ’70s and it instantly became a best seller. The brand new ships one tube of Black Honey every three minutes.

Schiap(Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick)

This hot pink with cool undertones and a velvety, semi-matte texture is named after iconic fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, who was famously known for wearing a bright pink lip. “It’s probably one of the most loved pink lipsticks,” makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes once told us. “I love it because it has a blue undertone, so it’s very flattering and makes your teeth look super white.”

Fire and Ice(Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick)

This color is by far the oldest of the bunch: Revlon first came out with the glossy orange-red in 1952, which, if nothing else, should tell you about its staying power.

1993(Urban Decay Vice Lipstick)

This warm matte brown was created in—you guessed it—1993 and was inspired by the year chokers, baby tees, and brown lipstick became the things we all needed. It was also the first of Urban Decay’s matte shades to sell out. “This—1993—is the perfect gateway shade for anyone who is looking to dip their toes into this ’90s trend,” Amanda Rodriguez, Urban Decay global artist, says.

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