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Ramnavami 2022- Mahurat, Date and Puja


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Ramnavami is celebrated to mark the birthday of Lord Rama. Chaitra Shukla Pratipada(The first day after the new moon in Lunar Calendar) marks the beginning of Navratri. On Ramnavami day, people perform prayers at fixed timings. These are referred to as Mahurats.

Ramnavami 2022:Mahurrat:

Since Ramnavami 2022 this year has 3 Shubh Mahurrats, it is considered very auspicious. The Pushya Nakshatra and Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga shall remain through the day as per the Hindu Astrology charts. People should plan important tasks at the time.

Ramnavami Mahurat

The occasion of Ramnavami is marked by 3 Mahurats.

  1. Abhijit Mahurat-11.57AM-12.48PM
  2. Vijaya Mahurat-2.30PM-3.21PM
  3. Godhuli Mahurat-6.31PM-6.55PM

Ramnavami Date:

Ramnavami 2022 falls on April 10, 2022. The day falls on Sunday.

Ramnavami Celebrations-Puja Guidelines

Not only is the festival marked by prayers, but countrywide celebrations mark the occasion. People believe that anyone who prays to Lord Rama with devotion shall get his wishes fulfilled. However, people start the day by following common instructions.Ramnavami is the festival in which people celebrate the victory of truth over evil.

  1. Simplicity and Purity are the two pillars of the celebrations:Thus Ramnavami begins with cleansing yourself and wearing clean attire.
  2. After taking the bath, the devotees offer prayers. Also, some of the devotees fast to mark the occasion. Further, the lighting of Diya in the temple marks the beginning of rituals.
  3. People offer Tulsi(Holy Basil) and Fruits to Lord Rama. According to the tradition, devotees offer Satvik Foods(less energy) to the deity).
  4. People chant Lord Rama’s Arti, Ramcharitmanas, Ramayan, and Ram Raksha Stotra.

Ramnavami 2022:We need to imbibe Rama’s virtues for success.

  • Be obedient to your parents.
  • Commitment with your partner.
  • Selfless love for brother
  • No discrimination
  • Importance to Friendship

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