Friday, December 8, 2023

Shahrukh Khan video refusing Hollywood goes viral


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Khan video refusing Hollywood became viral, Says he is not that talented

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After Mahesh Babu’s statement of Bollywood can’t afford him created a stir on the social media, a similar video of Shahrukh Khan surfaced on the social media too. A similar statement of Shahrukh Khan from the 2008 Berlin festival is doing rounds on the social media after after the leading Tollywood actors blunt reply on intentions of joining Bollywood. Although Mahesh clarified his stand saying that the comment were in a light mood and he respected all the languages.

Bollywood Fans angry at Mahesh arrogance after his remarks

Many fans labelled Mahesh as arrogant and showed him Khan video refusing Hollywood. Comparing the two, most of the fans felt that Shahrukh way was politer than the South Indian superstar. However, many Bollywood celebrities have passed their comments following his controversial statement. Here is a justification of Mahesh Babu regarding the controversial remark. Previous to this the KGF star also remarked that Hindi no longer is the national language after roaring success of KGF2 and RRR pan India.

Fans refer Shahrukh humility
Fans refer Shahrukh humility

Bollywood can’t afford me

Shahrukh video highlighted during the Bollywood controversy

Bollywood Fans were outraged at the remark and the actor justified by saying that it was all done in humor and he respects all languages. Fans quoted what they thought was an apt reply should have been. When Shah Rukh was asked in Berlin if he’d be willing to work in Hollywood, he had quipped, “My English is not good.” Here is what India’s megastar had said.

Megastar’s video explaining his modesty even during refusing a Hollywood movie

“If they give me a role of a dumb person who doesn’t speak, maybe. I am not trying to be modest but I am 42 years old, I am little brown, I don’t have any special USP as an actor. I don’t know Kung fu, I don’t dance the Latin salsa, I am not tall enough. I think anyone who is my age in the Western world, I have seen recent films of Europe, films of what you call ‘the dream factory’, I think there is no space for me. There is no place for me, because I don’t think I am that talented. So I would like to continue doing work in India, and hopefully take Indian cinema to the world.”

Shahrukh Pathan release date

Mahesh attempts to explain his stance as Bollywood is angry

There is no doubt that Mahesh statements have angered his bollywood fans, however he apologized and explained that he did not intend so. Also he added, “I strongly feel, why should we go to another industry by leaving ours behind?”

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