How To Fix Inaccessible Boot Device Error On Windows 10 Or Windows 11 PC

Fix Inaccessible Boot Device
Fix Inaccessible Boot Device

If your PC is not booting and showing an “Inaccessible Boot Device” error, then here is a fix to resolve this issue and make your PC function normally. The inaccessible boot device is a common error found on PCs and laptops running on Windows 10 or Windows 11 OS.

The Inaccessible Boot Device mainly occurs on computers based on Intel CPU. The reason behind this error message is the fact that your CPU won/t be able to read or access the storage device. This stops your PC from booting into the operating system.

Create A Bootable USB Device With OS Of Your Choice Do note that, you also need a fresh version of the Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system to restore your PC. So, you also need another laptop. Download the latest version of Windows 10 or Windows 11 OS and create a bootable USB device using tools like Rufus. Download And Extra Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) Driver Then take another pen drive or an SSD and download the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) Driver from the OEM website using your secondary computer. Do note that, the driver is device-specific and software-specific, so make sure to download the right version. This will download a small executable file. Click on the file and then click Next and accept the agreement. Now in the next menu, do not select install, instead select extract and remember the path where the software has been extracted.

Now, go to the extracted path, where you will find a folder named DRIVER, open the folder and select all the files, and copy. Come to your new pen drive or hard disk and create a new folder named USB and copy all the files from the driver folder.   Once you are ready with the two storage devices, a bootable pen drive with software and another storage device with Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) Driver, go to your broken laptop. Plugin both devices and boot into BOIS by pressing the F2 or delete button as soon as the device starts to boot.Select Bootable Device From BIOS From the BOIS menu, select the bootable pen drive as your boot device, save and exit from the BOIS. This will load the Windows installation windows. Select your language and agree to the terms and conditions. Then you might notice that your internal SSD might not be visible on the installation Windows. At the bottom menu, click on the load driver option, and then select the USB folder that contains Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) Driver. This will install the driver, and your internal storage devices will appear. Now, you need to format the SSD and clean install the OS and your device will start to boot normally. If you are installing Windows 10 OS, then you can get into your operating system. However, if you just installed a Windows 11 OS, then you also need an internet connection to complete the setup process. Given you have completely wiped your PC, there is a high possibility that your PC might not have Wi-Fi drivers. You can follow this method to complete your Windows 11 OS installation without the Wi-Fi driver. Once you are done with the installation, you can go to Settings > Windows update to install all the missing drivers and software patches. Your PC might restart a couple of times. In 30 minutes to 45 minutes, your PC will be in a fully working condition, and you have successfully fixed the Inaccessible Boot Device Error.