Avoid Harmful Chemicals: Natural Shaving Tips for Men

shaving Tips for Men
shaving Tips for Men

Here are some important Natural ways a man can make have a fresh and a smooth shaving experience

Looking nice has been an area that women have taken the centerstage. Fair skin and Long bouncing hair, have been a desired traits of every teenage girl and a woman. Men largely have not given much importance to self care and nurturing. Over time , even men have become more conscious of their outlook. Unisex Salons are gaining importance and men have equally used the services such as Pedicure, Manicure and Facials. Leading brands have introduced products for men only. Although there are many chemically enriched products, these natural shaving tips for Men can help them have a clean, refreshing and a fresh experience. Skincare regime of men and women are different due to their skin and hair types. Here is Tarun Molri talking about how a man can find his ideal skin type as it shall help you develop your ideal skin care strategy.

How a man should find his ideal Skin Type?

Natural Shaving Tips for Men

Shaving is an integral part of Men’s Skincare. Admit it or not, when it comes to shaving most men take it very casually. Also, most of us hardly understand the right technique of shaving. Consequently all they end up with is bad sores, bruises and dull skin. Here are a few ways which men can follow to ensure a smooth and a clean shave.

Shaving Tips for Men

Here are a few natural shaving tips for men that are necessary to have a great shaving experience

  1. Face Wash and Hot Shower:
  2. Face Massage and Moisturize
  3. Sharp Blade
  4. Scraping and Gliding Motion
  5. After Shave Massage Gel

Shaving Tips for Men: How should you shave?

Shaving is both a science and an art. Here are dermatologists approved 7 steps that can help you get a clean shave.

  1. Wet Your Skin before Shaving: An Ideal Shave can only be had after a hot shower. Warm water helps to remove free of excess oil and dead skin cells that otherwise can get trapped in between the razor blades.
  2. Application of Cream or Moisturizer: After washing your face, it is ideal to moisturize it with a good cream. It makes the tough hair soft making it easy for the blade to glide through.
  3. Apply a Shaving Cream or Gel: Select a shaving cream according to your skin type. If one has a sensitive skin type, use a shaving cream that has a label “sensitive skin”.
  4. Move the razor in the direction of Hair Growth:  Moving the razor in the direction of the hair growth. It helps in the prevention of razor bumps and razor bumps
  5. Rinse Your Razor after each stroke: Ensure to change rinse the blade occasionally during the shave. It is advisable to change ones blade after 5-6 shaves.
  6. Store the Razor in a dry area

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