Damaged Hair Care Tips During Humid Weather

damage hair care tips
damage hair care tips

We live in an environment where we generally need to step out for our day to day work. The damaged hair care becomes a challenge especially with humid weather. The hot heat of the sun’s rays damage our fleece often. This mainly leads to a problem like dryness and frizziness of hair during this humid weather. Sometimes, the damaged locks give you frustration which makes you feel disappointed or unhappy in this hot summer.

Here are some useful hair care tips for your damaged or frizzy hair:

1. Good conditioning can be done wonder

Use good quality conditioner for your tresses. Conditioner moisturizes your hair properly. Keep your hair soft, gentle and shiny. Avoid applying on the scalp, as it has some chemicals which affect your scalp badly.

2. Oiling is a must

Use oil like coconut and castor oil to minimize the frizz or damage. The oil nourishes your hair and has antibacterial properties which make your hair dandruff free or infection free on your hair scalp. Twist out for a braid or make a bun.

damage hair care tips
damage hair care

3. Minimize the use of heat products

Regular usage of iron straighteners breaks the protein bonds of your hair. Avoid using the hair straightener near to your scalp, as it increases the chances of damage to hair follicles due to excessive heat. Also, minimize the use of a hairdryer on your day-to-day basis.

4. Cover your head properly

While stepping out during harsh summer, always try to cover your head with a cap or trendy scarf, the chance of split ends will be minimized. It will safeguard your hair strand from the harsh heat rays.

5. Avoid regular washing

The scalp becomes sweaty, sticky in summer. However, regular washing of your hair may remove the vital oils which naturally present in your hair.

6. Add serum in your bucket list

Serum detaches the tangles and makes your hair look shiny and beautiful. It defends the heat rays and keeps your hair secure and safe. It also prevents your hair from any kind of brittleness and roughness in texture during this Summer season.

7. Use cotton towels

Pat your hair with cotton towels. They are soft in use and quickly soak the entire hair water. It makes the outer layers of hair strands frizz-free and rough-free.

8. Hydration is a must

Hair, body and skin are the main parts of the body that are generally affected by the heat rays of the sun. It is very much essential to keep your hair hydrated just like your skin and body. Drink an ample amount of liquid intake. Use an organic hair mask for your hair. Like mash one banana, add the egg yolk and Vitamin E capsule. Let it sit for a while and then wash it off with cold water.It keeps your hair strand healthy.