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Here is the inspiration behind Rahul Mishra’s Hyper-realism collection


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Rahul Mishra’s garden Themed Spring 2022 Couture collection

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Before we get on to Rahul Mishra’s eclectic style of designing ensembles, let us dive into Hyper-realism. So what does Hyper-realism mean? According to the Webster dictionary,” the word Hyper-realism refers to the realism in art characterized by depiction of real life in an unusual or striking manner .” In other words Rahul Mishra’s Hyper-realism collection took inspiration from the flowers he took pictures with his iPhone. Here is one of his ensembles ,” Tree of Life.”

Paris Haute Coutre Week

Taking inspiration from a garden with floral display, he just weaved into the fabric to create a masterpiece bought back to life. The dress took about 100 days in the making. And the pictures he clicked took the shape of intricate embroideries. Inspired by the floral arrangements , and magnifying the flowers under observation , he created forms and unusual designs. Additionally he took an enlarged view to create dresses that were flower inspired. Additionally Rahul Mishra’s collection has fabrics that uses canvas for the landscape view.

Fashion Designer Rahul Mishra’s Hyper-realism is a Fantasy

Inspired by nature, Rahul Mishra transforms it into fabric creating a magical spectacle. Every collection of his imbibes an element of nature in it. Whether it is a spacious top with a long skirt or or embedded with tiny beaded jewels trousers that can be donned by anyone. There is an array of colours much to the like of all the fashion lovers. There is no doubt that Rahul has created a niche for himself that can challenge the likes of any leading Fashion Designer of the World. Imagine the craze of his collection that his demand has become two times and donned the front pages of Chinese Magazines. In order to fulfill the demand, he purchased a new 50,000 sq ft factory in Noida and dedicated a team of 300 men consisting of village artisans. Here is Rahul taking Paris by storm.

Uttarakhand shapes dresses and jackets

Rahul’s abode is Uttarakhand and one can imagine why. Loaded with inspirational ideals, Uttarakhand is a paradise for nature lovers. And Rahul Mishra Hyper-realism collection is inspired by them. His collection is a tribute to the mystical beauty of the nature. His colourful and nature inspired dresses have gone to captivate the world. All his creations had a research backing from choice of flowers to the bushes heights.

Rahul’s Hyper-realism Collection takes inspiration from nature

Every ensemble has been re-engineered taking inspiration from nature. Whether it is flowers, night sky, Gardens, Valleys mountains, Rahul’s creations has incorporated all. From the Tulles to dresses, they have all mimicked just the amazing beautiful aura of his native place. Creating a mix of nature and millennials choices makes one ponder over the intellect of the individual who has created the magic. He is India’s first designer to showcase his creations at Paris Haute Coutre week and the first designer to do so. He opened up during his TED Talks.

Mishra’s inspiration and Curiosity makes his work more enchanting

Mishra’s work is unlike any other. It has its basis in architecture. There is no doubt that he is endowed with many qualities and can assume many shapes. His work is not confined to Sarees or Lehengas or for that matter wedding gown only. Rather his versatility and dare to enter the untried territory makes the world take notice with of his artwork.

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