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10 Ways to reduce early aging


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Can we stop aging?

Anti aging remedies
Anti aging remedies
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Many factors control skin aging. There are many ways to reduce aging. While there are things under a person’s control, there are others which are not. Aging is a irreversible process. Changes shall happen to our skin as the time passes. Sagging of the skin accompanied by wrinkles shall happen in the due course of time. Not only does the skin loses its charm, but also it dries. Our genes control the various traits in our body. Height, Skin Colour, and diseases such as Diabetes and Colour-blindness are all genes influenced. Also our external environment and lifestyle plays an integral role. There is no doubt that natural aging shall occur. Our external atmosphere brings these changes. These changes cannot be prevented, but can be slowed down. We can take preventive steps to slow down the aging.

10 Natural Ways to reduce aging

Both our elders as well as renowned dermatologists recommend remedies to prevent the early skin aging. The 10 tested are extremely effective to curb aging.

  1. Protection from the Sun: Wear sun protection-aids such as lightweight shirt and a pant and a Sunglass with UV protection.
  2. Avoid Smoking: Smoking hastens the aging process. It causes wrinkles and a dull complexion.
  3. Exposure to harmful rays for tanning: External tans reduce the age of the skin. Whether it is natural tan from the sun or artificial UV rays, both cause harm.
  4. Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet: Well balanced diet is rich in nutrients and is supposed to boost one health. On the other hand, sugars deteriorate health.
  5. Less Alcohol: Alcohol removes the moisture away from the skin. It makes the skin irritable.
  6. Exercise regularly: Exercise regularly can boost immune system.
  7. Clean your skin: Gentle washing removes the pollutants from the skin. However scrubbing causes roughness to the skin.
  8. Moisturize your skin: Not only is it necessary to wash the skin, it is equally important to keep the skin hydrated. Hydration results in soft and glowing skin.
  9. Beauty Sleep:8 hours of relaxed sleep is necessary to make your skin glow good.
  10. Drink lot of water: Doctors recommend a daily of 8-12 glasses of water every day. Drinking water results in the hydration of the skin and makes it look beautiful
Ways to reduce aging
Ways to reduce aging

It is never too late to try

We as an individual just need to change our lifestyle. For instance we should shift to better eating, exercising and relaxing regime. Not only it shall halt the aging process but also result in a better health.

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