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Delicious Moments in Bollywood that every Foodie loves to Create


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Catch up with these mouth-watering moments in Bollywood to find out how much of a foodie are you

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Are you someone who loves to try different cuisines? Do you hate sharing your sweets? Are you even thinking about planning your next meal while reading this? Does the majority of your salary go into Food Bills? If you have answered yes to most of these questions, then you can call yourself a foodie. As far as my memory goes, I have been a foodie since my childhood. Born in the holy city of Amritsar known for its revered landmarks like Golden Temple and Durgyana Mandir, food binds people together her. For there is one thing that everyone from Amritsar can relate to ‘Food’. From Fish to Naan’s the popularity is such that the city name is prefixed to the dish. In general India has a multicultural population and so is its cuisine. Since Bollywood is a huge part of people’s life, it is but natural to reflect food. The article brings you some Delicious moments in Bollywood movies that can surely get your taste buds tingling. These can sure inspire you to recreate the same at some point in your life. Or Wait a Minute! Create the moments now.

Delicious Moments in Bollywood movies that can make anyone salivate

For all the fellow foodies and movie buffs , I have compiled a list of movie scenes showing some of the country’s delectable delights. Enjoy the ride Folks!

5 mouth-watering delights that capture Delicious moments in Bollywood

1.Teekha (Spicy) Golgappas

There is hardly a soul, who does not like the flavour of these puffed semolina or wheat flour small pooris. Filled with spicy or tangy water and potato bites, they have been a part of many movies. Recently Amir Khan’s movie Lal Singh Chaddha’s trailer shows the actor munching on these snacks. I bet the snack is so addictive, that you feel like going for it again and again. The delicious delicacy also features in Kangana’s movie Queen.

Golgappa scene from Amir Khan’s movie Lal Singh Chaddha

2. Garam Bread Pakora

Bread Pakora might not be comfort food, but this spiced potato mixture bread sandwich dipped in gram flour batter and fried shall bring a smile to anyone’s face. Eating Bread Pakoras with ginger tea at a roadside Dhabha(Tea Stall) is an experience in itself. In the movie, Band Baaja Baarat Ranveer Singh’s love for the snack is seen when he pledges it,” Bread Pakore Ki Kasam.” Here is a scene where Ranveer Singh expresses his love for the snack.

3. Chicken Curry

India is a land of spices and its delectable dishes are known the world over. Owing to the spice heritage, India is home to some of the best curries both vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian(Meat-based). Chicken curry is an Indian delicacy, where chicken is cooked in a mixture of Spices, Herbs, and Vegetables. Not many know but it has been a part of an Indian movie Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana.

4. Laddoos

A sweet treat made from gram flour, condiments, Herbs, and Spices, the delicacy is a part of every North Indian Festival. Not only diving into the treat is heavenly, but it sure satisfies the cravings of anyone having a sweet tooth. One of Sridevi’s popular movies English Vinglish shows the late actress as an expert in the delicacy Even the actor who plays her husband in the movie says once,” My wife was born to make Laddoos.”

5. Zafrani Pulao( Saffron Rice)

Zafrani Pulao and Chicken Briyani are the popular delicacies of Hyderabad. These already popular recipes got more highlighted after Amitabh’s movie Cheeni Kum. Loaded with a stellar cast featuring the talented Zohra Sehgal, Amitabh Bachchan, Tabu, and Paresh Rawal was directed towards one dish Zafrani Pulao. It is a story about a chef who tries hard to impress her prospective father-in-law.

Some other dishes that find a worthy mention in the list

Besides the above, there are many Indian dishes and Cuisines highlighted in the movies. Here are some that have found a place on our list.

Dhaba Scene of Rang De Basanti
  1. Cake with Tea in ‘Wake Up Sid
  2. Eating at a Roadside Dhabba with Friends in ‘Rang De Basanti
  3. Gatecrashing a wedding with friends in ‘3 Idiots
  4. Enjoying the evening at McDonald’s in ‘Chak De India
  5. Punjabi Welcome with Lavish Food in ‘Jab We Met
  6. Chaat in ‘Queen’

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