Inspirational journey of Maria Sharapova

| Maria's Inspirational Story
| Maria's Inspirational Story

How she made to the top?

Maria Sharapova is a former top tennis player from Russia. She is currently in the news for she and her fiance Alexander Gikes are expecting their first baby. Maria’s Inspirational Story is a testimonial of the phrase,’ If there is a will, there is a way.’

Maria with Fiance Alexander Gikes

She declared the happy news on her Instagram account . The journey of former world number one has been nothing less than extraordinary and inspirational.

Maria Sharapova Journey

Birth, Parents, First Tennis Experience

Maria Sharapova’s journey is nothing short of motivational. She was born in Serbia on April 19, 1987 to Yuri and Yelena Sharapova. She hit the first ball when she was 4 years old. Two years later Martina Navratilova spotted her and advised her to pursue the sport with guidance.

Tennis, Martina Navratilova and migration to US

In 1994 she migrated with her father to Florida. She admitted that both she and her father did not understand English. Besides, they had just a few dollars to survive. However she added that she picked the language fast and sooner it became a lot easier.

Struggles of Maria Sharapova

Maria’s Inspirational Story: ‘I did not understand English, but picked up quickly.’

She says it was very difficult for her as she did not understand English and they had just $700. Although it was difficult initially, but she admitted to have picked the language very fast. Because she was around kids who spoke well, she learnt how to speak. In December 1995 she received a fulltime scholarship to the Nick Bolleteri Academy.

Maria”s Sharapova Tennis Journey, Championships and Earnings

Timeline of Maria Tennis Journey

Age 14 First Tournament

Age 15 First WTA, Youngest person to reach final Australian Open Junior

Age 17 Third Youngest to win Wimbledon

Age 18 Ranked No 1, Earn 38 milliom

Also between the year 2005 and 2012 she won all the four Grand slams and $38 million in prize money. Also she added another in the year 2015. She also donated $100,000 for the victims of the Chernobyl. She has numerous endorsements noteworthy is 70 million deal with Nike. She failed a drug test for Melodeum, but clarified at a press conference of being unaware. Looking at her journey, it is nothing short of motivational. She retired at the age of 32 as she struggled with injuries. and also and March 2016 she failed a drug test for a meldonium At 29 she took courses in Harvard Business school to develop her skills to develop her candy business Sugarpova. With a meagre 700$ to being the top earner in her sport, the journey is nothing short of commendable Her commitment to her sport can be judged from the following:

She said once,” My goal is to be the number one in the world. If it happens you know, it would be great. If it doesn’t, oh well.”

Noteworthy Brand Endorsements

  • Motorola
  • TagHeur
  • Porsche
  • Sony Ericsson

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