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Meet India’s World Motorcycle Champion Aishwarya Pissay


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In a cricket obsessed country, Aishwarya Pissay broke the glass ceiling by becoming the first Indian to win a world title.

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Having braved out two major crashes and subsequently having multiple surgeries, Aishwarya became the first Indian Motor racer to win a World Title. Her feat becomes even worthy of mentioning that she made a name in a sport that even men don’t dare to venture. It is not only expensive but also difficult to find sponsors. an achievement Besides the sport requires extensive training and funds raising. Thus it is not easy to become India’s World Motorcycle Champion. There is sweat, blood and tears behind the sweet success of victory. It’s not only difficult to train oneself in motor racing and find sponsors for this expensive sport is equally a struggle.

Aishwarya Pissay
Aishwarya Pissay

High Cost made many bikers leave the sport, amidst more women participation

Although there are many women bikers who have an adventurous side to them, but high price makes them leave soon. Also there are lot of men who have dropped out owing to a lack of enough sponsorship deals. Here are Passey’s views on woman’s participation as the sport gaining momentum in India.

Watch the interview as she takes on questions of being a woman in a majority male dominated world of bikers besides fielding queries on sport gaining momentum in India.

India’s World Motorcyle Champion Aishwarya Pissay makes strides as a Biker

In spite of many female entries in the other sports such as tennis, cricket and even soccer, adventure is still the forsaken dimension. Considered as risky or intimidating many avoid it. However there are individuals who admire adventure sports that sets adrenaline rushing. One such sport is Bike racing. The sport has been suitable for men only for its expected risk of injuries. However, Bengaluru-based woman biker Aishwarya Pissay broke the stereotypical norms when she became the first Indian in the history of motorsports to win a world title.

Milestones that Aishwarya set besides being India’s World Motorcycle Champion

Although the glorious event of winning the world cup happened in the year 2021, it is fair to celebrate her feat .Just as we acknowledge the achievements of our cricket heroes or any other sport, Aishwarya needs a pat on the back as well. Aishwarya won the FIM World Cup in the Women’s category after the final round of the championship in Varpalota, Hungary. Previously she finished third in Portugal, fifth in Spain and fourth in Hungary in subsequent outings, had finished with an overall tally of 65 points and is four points ahead of Portugal’s Rita Vieira in the final total standings for women. Aishwarya finished with 52 points and Vieira with 45 points. They were the top contenders for the title.

Resilient Indian Bike rider Aishwarya undeterred by crash continues the passion

Amidst all the successes , Aishwarya crashed her Bike Baja Aragon Rally which ruptured her pancreas. Additionally there are two major accidents, where she hurt her collar bone and other one the pancreas. She was in the hospital for more than two months, however the drive was such that she didn’t think even once to give up. Doctors fixed her collar bone with a steel plate and screws. In spite of the doctors advising her not to race for weeks, she did and won it. Until now she is the first Indian woman to win 5 national road racing and rally championship titles. “I started going on weekend rides with my friends and that is where my love for biking began. She often says that there were many women who pursued biking as a hobby, however she is not amongst them.

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