Friday, June 9, 2023

Vikram Vedha: Saif feared Hrithik Roshan


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Saif and Hrithik have not shared screen space since the last two decades. Recently, the actor revealed that sharing the space with Hrithik was not going to be easy.

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Vikram Vedha’s release is just around the corner, and the fans are all pepped up. And why shouldn’t they be. Two of the Bollywood leading names are coming together. It is worth mentioning here that the two are joining hands after a long time. So far, the looks of the teaser and the song Alcoholia has driven the audience crazy. Also, the precision with both have imitated their roles have been exemplary. Saif feared Hrithik Roshan. The actor recently was heard as saying. Furthermore, he also said that working after a long time with the actor made him both nervous and excited.

‘Working with Hrithik Roshan was Trouble’, Saif feared Hrithik Roshan

Vikram Vedha is about to come on the floors. Just two days are remaining before the industry’s best actors Saif and Hrithik lock horns. Fans are looking forward to some of the exciting moments in the movie. However, the actors probably don’t think like that. Actor Saif feared Hrithik Roshan and knew he was asking for trouble. Most of the stars avoid multi-hero movies as they fear being sidelined. Both the actors last acted in the ‘Na Tum Jaano Na Hum’. While Saif is coming as a fearless cop who is out to catch the dreaded gangster that Hrithik plays.

In a latest conversation Saif revealed his anxiety and excitement

Talking with a leading news daily, Saif revealed that working with Hrithik made him nervous and excited at the same time. Rather, he expected it to be trouble, for he considered Hrithik to be a crowd puller. He admitted that considering his aura, it becomes extremely difficult to concentrate on anything else. He added that one can’t stop looking at this man even if there is beauty around. Take a look at Hrithik teaching Saif dancing together.

Vikram Vedha showcases both Hrithik and Saif at their best

Saif looked badass as Vikram the righteous cop who sleeps peacefully even after encounters, because he hasn’t killed any innocent person. But Hrithik’s evil grin and portrayal of Vedha stole the show because it surpassed all expectations. We can’t wait to see Saif and Hrithik lock horns when Vikram Vedha arrives in theatres on 30th September!

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