Did Isabelle Westbury just stir up a hornets’ nest by criticising Mithali Raj? Is There An Uncomfortable Truth?

Mithali Raj Controversy
Mithali Raj Controversy

British commentator and journalist Isabelle Westbury minces no words when it comes to commenting on cricket related affairs. Her recent potshot at Indian skipper Mithali Raj has invited sharp criticism from those who watch Indian cricket closely. She chose to attack Mithali Raj following India’s three -wicket loss against New Zealand in the second ODI in the ongoing bilateral ODI series.

She said that the skipper of the Indian women’s cricket team is both the best and the worst that happened to the team.

The tweet invited a lot of sharp replies

This is not the first time that Mithali Raj’s slow slow strike rate has raised eyebrows. She has downplayed the criticism saying that playing according to the situation is more important than constantly worrying about the strike rate.

Isabelle’s tweet has invites sharp reaction from Mithali’s teammates and other experts of the game. Her teammate Punam Raut came out to support her on the microblogging platform twitter.

The full frontal attack didn’t seem to to bother Isabelle who continued having a laugh by posting a lot of memes on Mithali Raj.
Mithali is no stranger to controversies. Her relationship with her teammates specially Harmanpreet Kaur has come under a lot of scrutiny in the past. Mithali’s manager had accused that Harmanpreet is a manipulative, lying, immature and undeserving captain.

This controversy too seems to be far from over. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.