Sindhu blames poor umpiring for her loss at the Badminton Asia Championships

Sindhu blames poor Umpiring
Sindhu blames poor Umpiring

After loss at the BAG championships, Sindhu blames bad umpiring

Allegedly , Sindhu blames poor umpiring for her loss yesterday. According to her it costed the Indian ace player her match against Yamaguchi. She had won the first game and was leading 14-11 in the second . Referring it as “Really unfair” she was all tears as the umpires penalized her with a point penalty for taking too much time. The incidence happened during the semifinals at the Badminton Asia Championships. Also, she revealed the details of her conversation with the umpire. Umpire told her that she was taking too much time, but the fact is that the opponent was not ready. But the empire gave her the point and it was really unfair. She explained it as a reason for her loss at the championships.

Sindhu Angry with the Umpire

PV Sindhu loses rhythm after the controversy call

Highlights of BAG Championships

One can imagine Sindhu’s loss of concentration after the controversial call. She lost 30 points after the one given to her by the referee. At that point Sindhu was leading comfortably 21-13, 14-11. She later admitted that the referee’s controversial point penalty effected her later performance. Additionally she said the decision costed her the match. Consequently she lost her rhythm and lost the match 21-13, 19-21, 16-21 in 66 minutes. It affected her so much that she could win only 21 points as compared to Japanese shuttler’s 30.

Sindhu blames poor umpiring: Sindhu Controversy: How it started?

After winning the toss, Sindhu picked the side with a favorable drift side. Everything was in her control as she made the world champion struggle on her control on her shuttle length. Until the controversy, Sindhu was leading comfortably against the World and All-England Champion.

Sindhu lashes at poor umpiring

‘Very Unfair’, Sindhu felt she could have played the Finals

The ace badminton player had been a symbol of resilience and inspiration for many. She did not hold back after the match. Blaming the poor umpiring, she said that results might have been different. But when she told the referee, it was already too late.