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Dhoni’s Twitter Announcement surprised fans, say he fooled us again


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India’s most popular captain, also known as captain cool set curiosity amongst his fan, when he said about an important announcement. Read the article to dive into the surprise.

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Known to talk less and let his actions speak, Dhoni holds a great respect among both his rivals and peers. Having already retired from one days and Test cricket, he currently plays for the IPL team, Chennai Super Kings. Former captain has been a role model and inspiration for many cricketers. The only captain to have led the team to victory in T20, One Day International and Test Matches his name doesn’t need no introduction. He has plenty of fans who keep glued to his latest updates. Recently Dhoni’s Twitter Announcement confused many of his fans.

On Saturday Dhoni posted on his Facebook that shall go live on his page to reveal a big news. Vague as the message was, it drove fans into speculations. News thought that he was retiring from all forms of cricket including the only form of cricket he still hasn’t retired, Indian Premier League. However, much to his fans surprise the announcement was for a biscuit launch. True to his real character he is known for, kept the suspense alive till the end. Watch the launch below.

MSD Launches Oreo’s Launch

Dhoni’s Twitter Announcement about Oreo annoys fans

India’s most revered captain Dhoni’s Twitter Announcement had already baffled fans. With most of them expecting his retirement news from the IPL, it came down to a biscuit launch platform. Establishing a correlation between India’s victory and Oreo’s launch, Dhoni continued his speech establishing first the relationship of India’s World Cup win 2011. In the same year Oreo had launched. Now with another world cup in 2022 and Oreo Launch happening, he hinted at probable India’s victory. Dhoni’s Twitter announcement confused everyone and instead of retirement, turned out to be a biscuit launch event. everyone again. He did not announce his retirement but launched a biscuit in a LIVE event. Although for some it bought relief, there were others who rated the campaign had made no sense. Thus, some of the fans blamed him for giving them jitters. One of his fans commented on his Oreo Launch.


Fans on MSD’s Oreo Launch
MSD Fans Comment on his Campaign

Another of his fan taking dialogue from Jolly LLB 2 commented the

Another of the fans posted dialogue from Jolly LLB 2. Here Annu Kapoor as lawyer tells the judge that the proceedings are not happening right. He tells the judge that he is doing wrong. Overall the whole suspense ended as a gimmick for a Biscuit promotion campaign.

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