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5 Double meaning Bollywood dialogues to stir your dirty mind


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Most Bollywood comedy series have Double meaning movie Dialogues. Although not a necessity, these add a fun element to the movie. As Teenagers , there the craze for these dialogues is high. In India, Bollywood and Cricket have a cult status. Thus it is but natural that every youngster sees himself becoming the next Sharukh Khan or Virat Kohli. These cheesy dialogues are a fad amongst youth. Often these are used as a banter against a friend. These jokes at times can be sexual and might put the person in an awkward situation. Lets not lie. We have been in situations where we have fired these jokes at the other party or vice-versa. Lets get our naughty minds rolling with these 5 Bollywood’s dialogues that trigger your dirty mind. Dirty Dialogues have always thrilled and entertained us.

5 Double meaning movie dialogues of Bollywood to entice your sensual feelings

Bollywood movies could be action, comedy or romantic. Here are 5 Double meaning movie Dialogues in Bollywood movies that surprised the audience. These dialogues could be a part of any of the 3 genres of movies. Also another motive of adding these in the movie is to increase the appeal. More the double-entendre dialogues, higher is the appeal with the youngsters. While most of the elderly detest these , they form an important part of a teenagers life.

1.3 Idiots Stann Joke

Ranchos prank with Chattur’ was too much too handle. The Stann(breast joke) in the movie 3 idiots had the whole theatre in raptures.

Double meaning Bollywood Jokes
Chatur Double meaning speech in ‘3 idiots

2.Vidya Balan in Dirty Picture

3.Kya Super Cool Hain Hum: Tum ladkiyon main kya dekhte ho

From the movie Kya Super cool hai Hum

4.Once Upon a time in Mumbai 2: Akshay’s famous dialogue was a complete nonsense one. however the audience associated the dialogue with a double entendre.

5. Masti 2004:Aftab Shivdasani double enetendre in in Masti 2004.

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