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Enjoy the beauty of Phuket, Attractions and Things to Do


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Weary of your finances going haywire while planning an International trip. Plan a Phuket Trip for under Rs 30,000.

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You think Travelling abroad can be overwhelming, think it over. We bring to you 5 International destinations that you can travel in the travel budget of Sikkim, Puducherry or Goa for that matter. These international destinations are not only budget friendly, but also cater to the likings of every age group. These amazing vacation spots have some mesmerizing world renowned vacation spots when visited can easily make you spellbound. However, there are some International destinations that you can visit for the same price or even under. Are you surprised? Well you don’t have to. We bring you one of the budget friendly International destinations, Phuket. We hope to help you Plan a Phuket Trip for less than Rs 30,000.

The article includes the popular landmarks of Phuket and the best time to visit them. Although it is impossible to cover all the star attractions, here are some that definitely worth the visit. If you have limited time, we recommend you to make a check list and attempt to answer yourself the questions that you would ask a travel agent.

FAQ’s before you plan a Phuket Trip

  1. What are the places that suit my Interests?
  2. Which places are there to visit?
  3. Do your family members(if they are accompanying you) like them too, or if not are there any alternatives in the same budget)
  4. Do the travel and accommodation tickets fit your budget?
  5. What are the other expenditures you can incur during the trip?

Travel to Phuket

Phuket is one of the popular tourist destination amongst the Indian travelers. Not only India, but people from across the world visit the Andaman Sea of Southern Island. Whether you are nature lover or someone who loves adventure, you will have plenty of exciting things. Plan a Phuket trip to have a fun time with water sports, Sunsets and an amazing nightlife.. Amidst such a compelling place, how can one not be tempted to be bitten by party bug.

Top 5 Things To Do In Phuket

Phuket is a travel paradise and is abundant in having myriad landmark attractions. These must-see places have so much to offer that one gets a dose of Thrills, Chills and Excitement. Since there are so many star attractions and you must have already making your own check-list, we thought of sharing with you some of our recommendations that might elevate your experience. Here are the list of 10 things that you should include in the To-Do list when you plan a Phuket Trip.

  • Boat Tours

One of the star attractions of the Phuket Trips is the Boat Trips that one takes in the Phang Nga Bay. A surreal experience that everyone should experience is the gliding of the boat, with breathtaking views of these limestone rocks rocks projecting out of water. Any tourist visiting Phuket can plan a trip to James Bond Island, Fishing Village of Koh Panyee and Floating Muslim Island where you can enjoy a fabulous Thai Lunch. Here is one of the regular travelers citing his experience of the Boat trips. He also mentions the precautions before embarking on the tour.The best time for the boat trip is from November to January.

Shaun Shares his Boat Experience

Buddha Statue

A symbol of Buddha’s teaching, the statue stands tall on the top of the Nakkerd Hills.. Phuket is just not about Beaches, Adventure and Boat rides. Elevate your spiritual self and experience the teachings of Lord Buddha amidst sounds of ringing bells with Dharma music in the background is an experience in itself. Nothing short of spectacular, this statue is made of marble and symbolizes empathy and affection for all. However there is a word of caution, any visitor should not visit Tees with offensive language, shorts or beachwear. The best time to visit the statue is during early morning or during Evening. Here is the picture of the statue that one of the travelers shared.

Buddha Statue in Phuket

Fanta Sea Show

Open all days of the week, from 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm, Phuket’s Fanta Sea show just can’t be missed. Also referred to as integral element of the Thai Cultural Theme Park Show, this is a sight to behold. Anyone who has witnessed it can vouch for its amazing display of craftsmanship. A unique fusion of the technology and showmanship. Performed in a 3000 room hotel, this is a sight to behold. It consists of illusions, acrobatics, pyrotechnics, stunts, animal performances and special 4-D shows. Open all days except Thursdays, the show is closed on Thursdays. Here is a little glimpse of Fanta Sea Show.

Fanta Sea Show

Tiger Kingdom , Phuket Dolphin Show and Jungle Safari

If you are a wild life enthusiast, ensure to indulge in these three activities. Pleasing to the eyes as one is surrounded by one of the largest predators to swimming with the Dolphins, there is nothing that beats the experience. Enjoy the Jungle Safari tours in Khao Lak Park and Khao Sok National Park and enjoy your time with wild Elephants, big cats, Gazelles in action. Feel amazed to see these snake handlers play with some of the most dangerous snakes. As these cajole these creepers, one for a moment is engulfed in fear. Ensure to visit the Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, Phuket Botanical Gardens and Thai Martial Art.

phuket Attractions
phuket Attractions

When you Plan a Phuket trip do include Dolphin show too. Catch on as you watch these adorable creatures put up an instructor-aided show. If you love Dolphins, you definitely can’t miss on this one. Also get to swim with these intelligent creatures under the supervision of the instructors.

Tiger Kingdom Phuket is a thrilling experience that can’t and should not be missed under any circumstances. Meet, Play and have your photos taken with one of the largest predators on Earth , the Tiger. If you are scared, you can watch them from far away.

Beaches and Night Life

Without the mention of Beaches and Night Life, it is not worthy mentioning Phuket. Anyone who loves soaking in the beach vibe , is in for a treat. With abundance in beaches, there are travelers who can enjoy a lazy stroll, play water adventure sports or just enjoy the sunset. The ideal time to visit Phuket is from November to March. Having gone to Phuket and not gone for beach Hopping is a sin. Some of the must see beaches of Phuket are:

  • Kata Beach Great for a beach watch. Enjoy the pleasure of Jet Skiing and Parasailing here.
  • Laem Singh Beech Buzzing with tourists most of the time, a jungle surrounds the beach making it more stunning.
  • Banana Beach Clear waters make it just the right place for swimming and Snorkeling. Enjoy the delicious food at these Beach side restaurants
  • Freedom Beach Although the beach is less crowded, but it is ideal for adventurers who love to go through the jungle to reach there.
  • Bang Tao Beach One of the beautiful sandy beaches, the 8 kms sandy beach is ideal for Snorkeling and Swimming.

Important Guidelines when You Plan a Phuket Trip

For Any Indian visitor going to Phuket, it is better to plan your trip between November to April. Ideally the best time, the tourists can enjoy the best activities on the beach. Keep a control on drinking as there have been incidences of robbing before. Depending on the area you stay at and choice of accommodation the budget can change.

Stay Tuned as we bring more Star Attractions from around the world.

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