Unexplored Indian Road Trips of India

Unexplored Indian Destinations
Unexplored Indian Destinations

Get ready to know about 5 unconventional offbeat and less frequently visited tourist places that only avid travelers know

India is a mystical land that abounds in beauty. From snow-clad peaks to sparkling clean beaches, quirky villages to the majestic Himalayas, Hidden architectural wonders, to science-defying landmarks, there is no shortage of these unseen places. Despite the jaw-dropping beauty of these places, it is surprising that they are left unexplored. For an adventure-loving tourist, these are a must-visit. Fasten your seat belts as we take you on a journey to these best unexplored Indian road trips. These pristine surroundings welcome tourists around the world.

Unexplored Indian Road Trips that everyone should take at least once


One of the lesser-known places in the Northeast, YingKiong is a town that attracts tourists to adventure sports. The lesser-known town is not only known for its adventure, but also for attracting people who love nature and peace. An ideal spot for tourists, outdoor activities are plenty ranging from angling, bird watching, mountaineering, and trekking. The town is located in the Upper Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh and can be called one of the prettiest places to visit on Earth. Located 200 m above sea level, the place is a nature lovers’ paradise. Besides spending a serene time on the banks of the Sang river, it is a great place for mountain lovers. One of the travelers posted the following tweet showing the majestic landscape.



Sandakphu is an amazing destination at the edge of Singalila National Park in West Bengal, near the Indo-Nepal border. The peak is the highest point in the state of West Bengal. Sandakphu used is a trekkers paradise, however, it is fast gaining popularity among common travelers too. The new roads are being constructed till Gairibas which is almost half of the Sandakphu trek, it is becoming more accessible. With more and more tourists coming to Sandakphu, it has a chance to gain a lot more popularity across the country. It is not easy to ignore what’s on offer from nature here.

3. Ziro Valley

For peace-loving people, Ziro Valley is a place to beat. Abundant in nature’s beauty, it can make anyone fall in love with it. Besides being a serene holiday detitanation, Ziro Valley is famous for its Pine Fields and Rice Fields. Ziro valley is located in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh and is situated at an elevation of 5500 ft above sea level. Known as one of the country’s most photogenic valleys, Ziro is known for its diverse wildlife. ‘Talley Wildlife Sanctuary’ is a home to the elusive clouded leopards which provides an exhilarating experience for all wildlife lovers. Also, Ziro Valley is known for its tribal heritage and is a delight for Anthropologists and Socialists alike. “Apatanis”, as fondly referred to the people belonging to the oldest tribe of this North-East Indian state have inhabited the place for many centuries. Women are known to adorn massive nose rings and huge dark facial tattoos that cover their forehead, nose, and chin. 

Zero Valley is a home to the world’s tallest naturally formed Shiva Linga

Not only is the Valley known for its serene beauty, but it is a center of pilgrimage for a follower of Lord Shiva. It is said that the Valley has the world’s tallest Shiva Lingam.


Another offbeat destination, an ideal abode for nature lovers is Jawai. For those who prefer peace above anything else, Jawai is an ideal spot. The place is named after the namesake river and needless to say it offers a mind-soothing effect watching the pristine view. The granite rocks and hills surrounding this are there to behold your sight. Jawai is also known for its sanctuaries where you can see leopards, birds, and crocodiles. Plan in colder weather, for that is the best time to witness the wildlife of birds, panthers, nilgai bears, wolves, hyenas, and chinkaras as well. Besides, it is popular as a winter paradise for migratory birds.


5. Haflong

No place can match Haflong better if one is looking for a peaceful stay. Not only can one enjoy natural beauty, but also revitalize the senses in the fresh air. Enjoy the hot cup of tea on your balcony with a masala Maggie, and then nothing can stop you from enjoying your trip.


Other Tourist Places worthy of mention

India just doesn’t have a handful of tourist attractions. In a country that has sites ranging from mighty mountains to beautiful grasslands, there is always plenty to cherish. Although the current article is limited to just 5, the coming ones shall unravel the details of a town having a high rate of twins. Some of the other renowned landmark places include Amadubi in Jharkhand(Art Lovers), Velas ( Nurturing and saving the endangered Turtles), and Moodbiri in Karnataka, Srikhola, a charming mountain village in Darjeeling again known for nature lovers. Believe it or not, there is so much to explore in the country we live in, INDIA. Go get ready and enjoy the country while on the Best Unexplored Indian road trips.

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