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Bollywood Celebrities reaction to Will Smith’s Oscars outburst


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The Oscars are no stranger to controversies. Most of the winners just play safe with a note of thanks to the Jury and the audience. There are others who use pedestals to highlight important issues. It is obvious that these epic speeches are enough to create a stir in the entertainment industry. These incidences almost overshadow the phenomenal effort the actor puts in, drawing attention to the associated controversy. A high voltage drama erupted during this year’s Oscars. Actor Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the live Oscar ceremony taking the audience by surprise. The Oscars stated that they in no way supported any form of violence. However, as the clip went viral, the internet became flooded with strong reactions from people. Bollywood celebrities reaction to Will Smith’s Oscar’s outburst was expected. The topic became viral and every lead actor found himself jumping in to share. We are sharing below some of the reactions from the Bollywood actors.

Bollywood Celebrities reaction to Will Smith’s Oscars outburst was visible.

As soon as the clip went viral; the response from the film world became obvious. Bollywood celebrities reaction to Will Smith’s Oscars outburst was mixed. Some of the stars took it as a justified cause, while for others it came as a startling surprise. Here are 4 of the Bollywood celebrity’s views on the episode.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana had been known for controversy, so a comment from her was expected. Expressing her support for Will Smith, she said that she would have done the same had she been in his place. She further added, “If some idiot used my mom or sister’s illness to make a bunch of fools laugh, I would slap him as @willsmith did… bada** move… hope he comes to my #lockup”. ‘Lock Upp’ is a reality show in which celebrities are imprisoned and are asked to complete various tasks in exchange for basic amenities.

Neetu Singh

Another of the Bollywood celebrities reaction to Will Smith’s Oscars outburst was that of Neetu Singh.She became the first one to pass a jibe at the incident. Amongst the first to react was the veteran actress Neetu Singh. She added the viral video on her Insta Handle with the caption “And they say women can’t control emotions.

Varun Dhawan

Even the ‘Jugg Jugg Jiyo’ actor could not resist expressing his emotions about the incident. Sharing the incident on his Insta handle, he too wrote “Wow didn’t expect that also @chrisrock has a chin.”

Sophie Choudhary

Sophie Choudhary expressed her thoughts on her Twitter handle. She wrote “Violence is never the way, but cracking jokes about someone’s medical condition is not acceptable either. This was supposed to be a career-high for a superb performance. Instead, he will be remembered for this crazy incident.”

Will Smith, while accepting the best actor award later apologised in a tearful acceptance speech.(Also read: Oscars 2022: The legends Lata and Dilip find no mention in the ‘In Memorium section.)’

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