Celebrate World Water Day With Movies That Are Set On The Water

Films on water
Films on water

The climate crisis is knocking on the door and it is feared that the next world war will happen over water. Today, as the world observes ‘Water Day’, it reminds its citizens to save natural resources and try to solve the water crisis. There are many Hollywood movies that feature water in all its glory – in various shades, both good and bad.

Let’s take a look at a few movies that have water as their main theme –

Life of Pi

Life of Pi is appreciated for its unique narration

The movie is directed by Ang Lee. The young man (Suraj Sharma) is cast as a boatmate in a beautiful sea with a Bengal tiger on it. The boy spends his time with the animal and fights to survive in the Pacific Ocean. There are three animals in a lifeboat: a zebra (Orangutan), a hyena, and a male Bengal tiger. He used to feed the tiger a fish, as he himself doesn’t want to become the last meal of Richard Parker. The sweeping water-based atmosphere gives an immersive vibe.

Cast Away

Cast Away is a story of optimism and perseverance

Cast Away is an epic tale of survival on an isolated island which is surrounded by water. The protagonist discovers a lot of life stranded in an island with water as his only companion that also gives him a something to survive (read fishes). The audiences might have a tough time warming to a movie in which loneliness, frustration and despair occupy so much screen time but it manages to create its separate fanbase.


Titanic is one of the biggest blockbusters

Directed by James Cameron, it is an evergreen love story that inspires millions of people of all ages or generations. The story of two star-crossed lovers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) starts their journey on a giant ship called Titanic. In the movie, the sea water is seen in both its best and worst forms. When the ship sank, the sea water temperature was 28°F (-2°C) which made surviving practically impossible for the passengers that were in the water for more than half an hour. They were forced to jump into the water due to the lack of lifeboats.


Moana is appreciated by its super animations

The Pacific Ocean is an important character in this computer-animated Disney hit. At the heart of the story is a Polynesian girl named Moana, who must reverse an ancient curse in order to save her community. Heeding the ocean’s call, Moana embarks on a thrilling sea-based adventure. This film is still loved by people of all ages from different geographies for its unique storytelling.