Ranbir takes Parenting Lessons, wishes to be the world’s best dad

Ranbir takes Parenting Lessons, wishes to be the world's best dad
Ranbir takes Parenting Lessons, wishes to be the world's best dad

In a candid conversation with Star Parivaar Actors , Ranbir Kapoor opened up on the excitement and the fear he feels as he enters fatherhood.

Ever since the news of Alia’s pregnancy spread around, the Kapoor family has been on cloud 9. Ranbir is as excited as a father is. Actor’s movies Shamshera and Brahmastra shall release this year. With the news of Alia’s pregnancy, it has landed so many delights in Ranbir’s laps. Recently the Rockstar actor shall interact with the Star Plus Actors. Ranbir takes parenting lessons from Star Parivaar actors who train him for different tasks included in the duties of Fatherhood. Anupamaa Actor showed Ranbir how to manage the child’s responsibility.

Anupama demonstrates Ranbir his duties as a father.

Anupama gives a Demo to Ranbir to be a good father, Ranbir takes Parenting lessons

The video begins with the Wake Up Sid actor asking Rupali how to become the world’s best dad. He further asked if anyone can help him become the best dad. The popular TV actress replies, that a child is just your heart beating outside your body. Although not sure whether Ranbir revealed the gender of the child, when he said , “Mujhe beti hi chahiye.” It was after that actress trained Ranbir on how to hold a baby, and even change diapers. He rocks the baby and lovingly says,” Ale le meri beti”.

Ranbir wants a daughter
Ranbir wants a daughter

Ranbir does not want Alia to sacrifice her dreams after the Baby

Talking like a mature person, Ranbir hinted that Alia shall continue to work even after having the baby. He added that he wants to share more responsibilities as a father. Also he admitted that both he and Alia have been largely raised by their respective mothers. He wants to change the norm after becoming a father. The couple had recently announced Alia’s Ranbir said that he does not want Alia to “sacrifice her dreams” after having a baby. He shared his baby news via an Instagram post.

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