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Brahmastra’s Visuals dominate Storyline


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Brahmastra’s Trailer released today. Heavy Visuals indicate a grand scale release, but overpower an equally impressive storyline.

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For Ranbir and Alia’s fans, it has been a long wait. Eagerly awaiting the movie for five years, they received the happy news that the shooting has been completed. Brahmastra features a stellar star cast of Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, and Mouni Roy in pivotal roles. Ayan Mukherjee has directed the Mega-budget and Mega-Starrer movies. Looking at the trailer one can easily see the stunning Visuals which gave the movie a Grande outlook. However, the makers while adding the visuals failed to consider an important aspect, the movie’s powerful storyline. Brahmastra’s Visuals dominate Storyline, which was nothing less than superlative as well. Directed The over three-minute clip is packed with a heavy impressive VFX shots and an indication of the film’s grand scale. Catch a glimpse of the incredible trailer of Barhmastra Part 1 of the Trilogy.

Brahmastra Official Trailer

Brahmastra’s Visuals dominate Storyline, overshadows Ranbir and Alia’s Chemistry

Stunning Visual Effects made up for the 5 years of wait of the fans. Brahmastra is one of the most awaited movies of Alia and Ranbir and marks their debut as a couple. The movie is also the first one for both after getting hitched. Touted as the Magnum Opus of Bollywood, the wait has seen many changes in the script and actors. According to known sources, the stellar movie dates back to pre-Mahabharata times. Despite the grand effects, it still feels like a fantasy and not realistic. Set in two timeframes, the main story is set in present times where Ranbir has some powers he is unaware of. Another part shows Time Travel as he goes 3000 years back in time to learn about Brahmastra to fulfill a mission in the present time. Besides, we shall also have a glimpse of the future time.

VFX  in Brahmastra
VFX in Brahmastra

Loaded with unseen before dazzling VFX, Brahmastra features high-energy and fight sequences

The trailer was released today to the excitement of the many Ranbir-Alia fans. High-energy and weapon-loaded Brahmastra’s Visuals dominate Storyline of the movie. The fight sequences incorporate the 3 elements of nature Air, Water, and Fire. Besides the trailer shows Earth, Sky, Mountains, and Forests all rumbling which makes the movie more exciting. Most Visuals are shot in Varanasi, Manali, and Bulgaria and will be further created through VFX. Dan Bradley, a reputed stunt coordinator has shot most of the action for the film in Bulgaria. Recently both Alia and Ayan Mukherjee, the movie director shared the teaser on Instagram.

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