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Condom’s Quirky Message for Ranbir and Alia


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Condom’s reacts on Alia and Ranbir’s delightful announcement.

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Condom is one of the most commonly used Birth Control Devices. One of the manufacturers expressed their joy through an Insta post. The same manufacturer had posted during Alia and Ranbir’s wedding. The post was enough to put the netizens into splits. It all started when Alia announced her pregnancy news on Instagram. She posted a picture of herself having her Sonography done and Ranbir’s back towards the Camera. Alia Bhatt announced today that she was expecting in an Instagram post. However, a Condom’s quirky message of Alia and Ranbir embracing parenthood caught the fascination of everyone.

Alia posts reveal her pregnancy news, and delights everyone, sans one

Captioning the picture she wrote,” Our baby coming soon.” No sooner did Alia post the news, than the couple’s fans flooded the net with congratulatory messages. Imagine yourself in a fantasy world where everyone could express themselves. One wonders how would a Condom that failed in its mission of obstructing pregnancy reacted. Condom’s Quirky message would have been,’ Arre Main Tha Naa, Kyu Nahi Bulayaa Mujhe’, ‘Kuch Toh Sabar Kar Lete’ and above all ‘ Itni Kya Jaldi Thi’, meaning ‘ When I was there, why didn’t you call me?’, Guys, you should have some patience and ‘Why so much in a Hurry?’ Here is Alia’s insta post confirming the news.

Amidst Fans love, Condom’s Quirky Message expressing discontent

Ever since the news of Alia’s pregnancy went viral, the internet has been in a celebration mode. And why should they not be? Ranbir and Alia are one of the most loved Bollywood couples. Their wedding news created quite a stir and was the talk of the town for the wedding rituals that bent the common stereotypes. While all the individuals are celebrating the occasion there is one fictional character who is not happy. Well, who other than our famous and most popular birth control device,” CONDOM.”

Just visualize a Condom to be a living character having emotions, how would it react to the news? Happy, Of Course Not. Frustrated, Yes and probably for the only reason the couple did not listen to his advice. Looking at all how it has turned out to be and using the popular movie song from Ranbir’s movie, ‘ Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’, ‘ Mehfil main Teri, it would take a twist and say, ‘Mehfil main Teri, Reh Gaye akele.’, meaning in a crowd of friends you ignored me. Condoms are one of the birth control measures, so one would obviously think that any pregnancy news is bound to go against it. On an earlier incidence, condom had expressed wishes for Alia-Ranbir wedding.

Ranbir and Alia’s wedding was quite an Affair

Ranbir and Alia’s wedding generated quite a stir for its traditions and out-of-the-league wedding rituals. Alia and Ranbir got married on April 14. Here is what a Condom would have wished them on their wedding.

Condom's wish for Ranbir-Alia
Condom’s wish for Ranbir-Alia

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