High Sex Drive-A blessing or a curse

healthy Sex Drive or Libido
Elevated sex drive can cause challenging situations

Libido or Sex Drive-Definition and Factors 

Libido or otherwise referred to as ‘sex drive’ is the sexual desire or any emotion related to sex. There are multiple factors that influence a person’s sex drive.

factors that influence a person’s sex drive
  • Hormonal levels(Testosterone and Estrogen) or Biological factors
  • Psychological factors such as stress levels
  • Social Factors such as Intimate relationships.

What is a High Sex Drive?

The definition of high libido varies from person to person. It can vary from once a day for one individual and none for the other. Individuals with high sex drive need to search for ways to address it in an effective manner. Libido is a function of a person’s emotional state and a pleasant mood results in an increased sex drive. The low phase in one’s life might trigger one to use sex as a great stress-buster. In other words, sex is a great respite from loneliness and sadness.

Reasons of High libido

The occasional spikes in sex drive could be a result of the emotional state of The occasional spikes in sex drive could be a result of the emotional state of an individual. However, if it is turned into a compulsive disorder, it is time to see a doctor. The practice of having a more than normal sexual activity is known as out of control sexual behaviour or OCSB or Hyper-sexuality. Although hormonal, Psychological and Social Factors each influence an individual’s libido, the real culprit is the brain. Surprised? Various parts of the brain trigger respond differently, either when thinking about sex or even the act itself.

Psychological and Social Factors for healthy sex

Some of the other reasons

  • Change in hormonal levels.
  • Stage of Puberty
  • Increase in physical activity or exercise
  • Healthy relationship
  • Relaxed state
  • Medication

Organs of the Brain that stimulate the sex drive

Organs that stimulate sex drive

The brain is not merely a controlling and coordinating organ. Strangely it influenceThe brain is not merely a controlling and coordinating organ. Strangely, it influences the attributes related to an individual’s erotic behaviour. Various parts of the brain operate in unison to trigger the hormones Dopamine or the ‘feel-good’ hormone is a part of the brain reward system. The brain also secretes hormones such as Serotonin, Oxytocin (the love hormone) and Endorphins which elevate an individual’s sexual experience. Here are some organs which play an integral role in elevating the sexual experience.


Relays erotic stimuli coming from the spinal cord


Coordinates autonomic events in the individual’s sexual behaviour


Provides emotional significance to the erotic stimuli. It helps in the choice of a mate and alters his sex drive.

Septal region

It alters the sex drive.

Prefrontal cortex

Responsible for reducing the initiation of sexual behaviour

Cingulate cortex

Processes sexual stimuli in situations of difference.

Signs of high libido

There are variations in an individual’s sex drive and can be due to a number of factors such as emotional state, physical condition or even hormonal imbalance. There is no standard definition for a high libido. How does then one know if he is hyper-sexual? In other words, there are signs which help to determine if one suffers from OCSB.

  • Excessive sex drive has a negative influence on your relationship.
  • Inability to focus on anything.
  • Heed only for sex
  • Sexual behaviour is the only escape from stress and depression.
  • Difficulty in the maintenance of intimacy

Ways to reduce your Sex drive

Furthermore, a person’s sex drive is exactly similar to the permissible limit an individual can indulge in a sexual act. There is no number assigned to it. There are many individuals who have faced humiliation due to their appearance only, but also their hyper-sexual behaviour. Adjectives like Nymphomaniacs, Sex-addict have been used often even for individuals having normal relationships. One is lucky if he is able to find a partner with a compatible libido. However, if it varies, here are 3 ways how one can lower his sexual energy.

  • Express your feelings to your partner.
  • Diversion of sexual energy to other tasks you enjoy.
  • Staying sexually active.

High Sex Drive- Related blemishes and The Takeaways

There is no doubt, that Individuals with high libido face stigmas in society. However, there is always help available A personal effort, along with family support can bridge the gap between the individual and his environment. Although the stereotypes shall take a while to be erased, communication can add a positive dimension to one’s relationship. In the event communication doesn’t help, medical aid is just around the corner.