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Did Viaan copy Idea for his sneakers entrepreneurship venture?


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Shilpa’s son Entrepreneurship journey with brand VRKICKS, the initials likely standing for his name’s initials. A Dubai Kid has a name sake collection AKA Money Kicks. Did Viaan copy him?

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Shilpa Shetty is one proud mother with her son entering into the entrepreneurship world so early in the life. And her son Viaan has given her all the reasons to be on top of the world. At a mere age of 10 years when kids are busy with studies or video games, taking responsibility is gutsy. There are not many who dare venture onto this path. Shilpa Shetty Son’s Entrepreneurship Venture named VRKICKS sounded catchy until we came across a 15 year old kid Rashid Belhasa.

Rishad is from UAE and this teen has the most expensive sneaker collection of Dubai. His brand name AKA Money Kicks rhymes with Viaan’s, which created this doubt. Did Viaan copy Idea for his sneakers venture from Rishad. Viaan named VRKICKS, the initials likely standing for his name’s initials. Venture deals in customized sneakers, clothes, bags and more items. Shilpa made this announcement on her Insta page.

UAE’s Rashid Belhasa AKA Money Kicks venture, Did Viaan Copy Idea for his debut venture?

As netizens are singing praises for this kid, but looks like the idea is stolen. Additionally even the product has a same namesake. Viaan idea seem to have been inspired from Rashid Belhasa’s AKA Money Kicks. Looking at the kid he had a great looking sneaker room. His sneakers range consists of those of Shah Rukh Khan and Cristiano Ronaldo among others. If one passes through Dubai, a visit to Belhasa state is a must.

Rashed Belhasa with his Sneakers collection

The kids collection is worth $1,000,000 (INR6.5 crore approx). A pair of Jordans can set you back anywhere between INR15,000 to INR67 lakh for a limited edition pair.

Rishad Aka Money Kicks
Rishad Aka Money Kicks

Considering this kids has 70 pairs of just Jordans including a pair that Eminem used to own that leaves a lot of room for other sneakers. His collection of shoes included the following:

  • Red October version of the Air Yeezy 2 collection
  • Platinum version of the Air Yeezy 2 collection
  • Game-worn Adidas studs, only 15 pairs in the world
  • Air Jordan 8 OVOs
  • Air force 1 Terror Squad
  • A pair of rare sneakers gifted to the kid by but Fat Joe himself.

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