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Get to Know Sara Ali’s Fitness Mantra


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Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan is one of the beautiful and talented actresses of the current lot. Be it her dressing style or her acting prowess, she is just on point. Not many know but Sara Ali was a chubby teenager. She lost 40 Kg and Became a Fitness Freak.

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Sara Ali Khan is one of the popular faces of the Bollywood. First child of Saif Ali and Amrita Singh, she has created a niche for herself over time. Beautiful, Talented and Sexy she has given some incredible performances in the past. Before we reveal Sara Ali’s Fitness Mantra, not many know that Sara was an overweight teenager once. She admitted to the Filmfare once about her passion for Pizzas, Chocolates, and Ice-creams. Also, she opened her liking for Indian delicacies like pav bhaji and Besan Ke Laddoo, things that I am still deeply passionate about. When asked about when she became focused on her health, she opened up that it was the third year at the college. Before that she weighed 96 Kgs, but the best part was her determination that got her through.

Sara Ali Khan’s Transformation

A 360-degree transformation in diet and exercise was Sara Ali’s Fitness Mantra

Sara recalled telling her mother about her desire to enter Bollywood. She remembered her mother suggested her to lose weight. Sara recalled when her mother refused to recognize her at the airport. Determined to lose weight post the incidence made Sara follow a strict regime. Recalling the incident she opened up what she resolved to achieve.

Sara Ali Khan
Sara Ali Khan

“My passion to embrace curves and an hourglass figure was fueled when my mother refused to recognise me at the airport. It was then, I decided to get fitness training and shed piles of weight.”

Sara Ali resolved to reduce weight.

Sara Ali’s Fitness Regime that led to 40 Kg loss in weight

Hell bent with a resolve to shed kilos, Sara followed a strict and disciplined fitness regime. Here are some strategies she adopted to lose weight. Here’s Sara Ali’s Fitness Mantra:

  1. Eliminate Junk Food from diet completely
  2. Consumption of Nutritious Food (Salads and Low-Calorie Foods)
  3. Strength Training
  4. Tennis
  5. Pilots with Certified Trainer

In spite of following a strict diet schedule, she did not mind one cheat meal in a week. However, she strictly advised everyone to have a complete cheat day. For anyone looking to reduce weight, Sara’s weight loss journey is sure an inspiration.

Sara Ali Khan’s Transformation Journey

From a chubby teen to a diva, Sara’s weight loss journey is nothing short of an inspiration. Take a look at what she looked earlier and now.

Sara Ali Khan’s transformation is unbelievable

Sara Ali Khan’s Gorgeous Looks

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