Friday, July 19, 2024

Google issues security update for Chrome Users


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Google implements 3 security updates in 3 week, attacks underway

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Google issued a third emergency update in as many weeks for its billions of users worldwide. Although it may take a few days to reach everyone, but it is critical to have them done. Also it is necessary to reboot the system once the update has been done. Google has urged its users to update the system immediately , as another fix is underway. Here is what one of the influencers has to say regarding the security update.

Updates on the Browser: Important things you should know

As the security threats are underway, Google urged chrome users to implement a security fix. All the Chrome Windows, Mac and Linux users can implement the system in the coming days and weeks. Google launched its first security update on April 14, followed by April 17 and April 18

  • The emergency update takes chrome to the version 100.0.4896.75
  • Based on Landmark version 100 update
  • Google Chrome’s vulnerability to attack of CVE-2022-1232
  • Security attack could allow random execution of the code

How serious is the CVE-2022-1232?

Google had earlier released on his site mentioning (CVE-2022-1232) as posing a ‘High’ threat level. It also has a wide impact, with Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux all affected.

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