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Its Important To Be Versatile And Honest About Your Work, Says Ananya Pandey


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Gehraiyaan was a liberating experience

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Tia is very similar yet different from who I am in real life. In terms of maturity, am not as mature as she is. I am very impulsive, while she takes time before she says anything. I tried to play her character as honestly as possible. There is a lot about her secrets, her baggage and getting into those nuisances was a treat.

I have never been to anything in my life that Tia has gone through. I was given the liberty to play the character the way I like and that was very liberating.

I want to do everything honestly  

I want to do everything honestly and do not want to confine myself to a particular genre. I have grown up watching those masala Bollywood movies. I love horror films; I love romantic films and I want to do films with full honesty. I will let my work speak. I want to get more chances where I play more complex female characters.

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Its important to strike a balance between digital and real world, says Ananya Pandey

Important to strike a balance between digital and real world

My upcoming film ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan’ is going to be one such film. It is about three friends; social media and it is a very important thing to tell where everything is digital now. I have grown up in an environment where I have always been exposed to digital but I also feel that somewhere we have become too reliant on digital, so much so that we sometimes forget to connect in the real world because we are so much caught up with the digital world. Social media has its advantages, there is no doubt, but somewhere we need to draw boundaries.

I have learnt to take bouquets and brickbats on the chin

I really get affected when people criticise my work but I also get motivated. I often times detach myself and connect with those who have are close to me. That gives me a lot of strength.

Liger is a masala popcorn entertainer film

Liger a full masala movie that has action, drama, romance – everything that makes it an ideal movie to be watched as a community with a packet of popcorn. It’s a pan India film and am very excited to be venturing into four different industries at the same time. It is very overwhelming.

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