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Janhvi Kapoor: Her Feelings and Tryst With Stardom


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Janhvi Kapoor and her most recent OTT releases, if you count, Good Luck Jerry, she has only appeared in five films. Only two of her five movies—her debut Dhadak and the horror comedy Roohi—were released in theatres.

She hasn’t yet experienced the full rigours of the entertainment industry, one may argue. Even still, Janhvi, 25, has encountered a lot of criticism, virtually all of which pits her against the reputation of her famed mother Sridevi. Rarely has anybody ever compelled her to consider, contemplate, and express herself about her family, her feelings, or her brief experience with fame. ETimes, however, has Janhvi unplugged and uncensored in today’s BigInterview.

Janhvi Kapoor in her recent interview with ETimes spoke her heart out. Excepts from the interview is –

Sridevi’s Reaction On You Becoming An Actor

She said, “Don’t get into it. I have worked my whole life so that I could give my kids a comfortable life and this life is not comfortable, so why do you want to put yourself through it?” And I said, “I love movies. I can’t live without being an actor.” Then she said, “If you love it that much then it’s okay.” But she also kept saying, “You’re too naïve and soft-hearted. You get carried away and get hurt too much. I don’t want to deal with all of that”.

Reaction On Receiving Praises

Not that girl who lets appreciation and confidence get to my head. … have got this appreciation after hard work and I won’t take it for granted. … will use the confidence that appreciation has given me to improve my craft. Because I think if there was anything that I was lacking apart from technical skillset, it was the belief in myself and confidence.

Advice To Younger Sister Khushi

I’ve told her, just keep your head down and keep working. Be honest about your work. Don’t do it for any reason other than the fact that you love it. Because people will fault you regardless of what the outcome is. If you do something with clear intent, you won’t let any criticism bring you down. And that’s the only thing you can hold onto.

Friendship With Sara Ali Khan

We’ve known each other before we started our acting careers and we mentioned that in our Koffee With Karan episode, too. I really appreciated the way Sara is working and how hardworking she is, how real she is. She is so secure about herself that when we spend time together, the threatening energy between contemporaries never shows up between us. I always feel that I am spending time with my friend who wishes good for me. It is difficult to find such a bond in life, let alone in the film industry. It’s the same with Ananya Panday, too. I think all of us are secure enough to root for each other. And we genuinely like each other.

Janhvi Kapoor about Sridevi
Janhvi Kapoor about Sridevi

Inheritance From Sridevi

I like to paint. I sketch during the breaks on the sets. People say that my eyes resemble hers and my voice too. But I don’t know.

Your Memory About Sridevi

Mujhe bas unki yaad aati hai (I miss her). I would not get off my bed until Mumma woke me up. My alarm would buzz. But then I would call Mumma. I wouldn’t step out of my room without seeing her face. And I wouldn’t sleep without saying good night to her.

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