Kangana Ranaut confronts Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut confronts Bollywood
Kangana Ranaut confronts Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut confronts Bollywood to be biased

In a chat with Siddharth Kannan Kangana confronts Bollywood and accuses it of being biased. Talking to him she complained that Bollywood had always been critical of her . She added that it might be due to people’s insecurities. Recently Kangana was a part of Salman’s Eid bash. The event hosted by Arpita also had Deepika and Karan Johar with who Kangana had tiffs at one point or the other. Ranaut made heads turn after her attendance at Salman Khan’s yearly Eid bash that was hosted by Arpita Khan Sharma this year. Ironically, even Karan Johar, Deepika Padukone were a part of the celebrations. The Dhaakad actress has now hailed Kiara Advani but called out Bollywood from refraining to praise her and her work. Scroll below for all the details.

Kangana Ranaut bashes a journalist for promoting Deepika’s Gehraiyaan

Kangana recently rebuked a journalist for attempting to promote a forthcoming Deepika’s movie. The tiff started when the journalist asked Kangana for her take on an influencer shaming Deepika for her ‘hemlines and necklines’ during the Gehraiyaan promotions. Also the journalist added that she had high regards for the actress, as she stood for injustice against women.To which, Kangana said, “Look, I am here to defend those who can’t defend themselves. Alright? She can defend herself. She has the privilege, the platform and I can’t promote her film here. Sit down,” Kangana sharply responded.

Kangana bashes a reporter

Kangana praises Kiara, calls Bollywood feminist

Pictures of both Kangana and Kiara have gone viral during Salman’s Eid party. While Kiara posted pictures of both at the party, Kangana only had good things to say about the Shershaah fame actress. Sharing of pictures on Instagram is a proof of them bonding well. However when it came to Bollywood’s attitude towards her, she had other opinions.

Ranaut confronts Bollywood. Why Bollywood can’t praise a female centric movie?

Although Kangana starrer Dhakkad and Kiara’s Bhool Bhulayiaan 2 are coming soon, yet she mentioned that there was no competition. Adding on she mentioned that she always praised someone’s work, be it RRR, Pushpa or even Mimi if she liked it. Although she has a point, but only time shall tell whether world shall change its perception towards her.