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Munnabhai actor bids goodbye to Bollywood


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Actor Surendra Rajan made everyone emotional in Munnabhai

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Munnabhai actor bids goodbye to Bollywood after his movie, ‘Who am I’. Actor Surendra Rajan gained popularity in an epic emotional scene in the movie Munnabhai MBBS. bids Bollywood goodbye. One of the most grounded actors , Surendra Rajan acted in over 70 Bollywood movies. After acting in his last bollywood movie the actor wants to call it quits. Besides ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’, the actor gave impactful performances in movies such as ‘The Legend of Bhagat Singh’, R Rajkumar, Phas Gaye Re Obama, Dhamaal and many others. In addition to being an actor, Rajan is a gifted painter and a photographer too.

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Rajat believes in simple lifestyle, people find it strange

Although Rajat acted in over 70 movies, he prefers to keep a low profile. He doesn’t believe in running after money and neither did he take his career too seriously. “I had decided long ago to collect only those things I can take with me when I leave the world.” He believes in a simple and carefree lifestyle and is fond of travelling.

Munabhai MBBS fame actor to bid goodbye to Bollywood

Actor’s whereabouts and the life he is leading

At the age of 75, the actor is settled in a Village amidst the Himalayas. According to sources he is currently settled at Khunnu village in the district Rudraprayag. One can imagine his simplicity from the fact that he is staying in an old house. He rented the house from an army veteran. Also he mentioned that the village is 17 Kms and thus fetches his daily needs supply every 3-4 months and the presence of a river provides him ample water supply. Looking at his lifestyle, one just can’t help but praise him for his humbleness and simplicity.

Munnabhai actor bids goodbye to Bollywood, Shrish’s movie will be his last

The actor recently came out of long gap to shoot for ‘ Who am I’ . Directed by ‘Shireesh Khemariya’ and produced by Shirish Prakash, the story is set in a small town by the banks of Narmada. ‘Who am I’ is likely to premiere at the 24th UK Asian Film Festival in London. His dedication towards his profession is exceptional. Even in his 80’s he travelled to Madhya Pradesh to shoot for the movie. He revealed the reason why he decided to come out of the retirement to play the character.

‘Who am I’ movie storyline

The movie is ones collective understanding of life’s journey. As the lead of the movie Bhavitva starts his journey of knowing himself, he finds many answers. Shot on the banks of movie Narmada, the movie also stars Panchayat actor Shashie Vermaa, Pagglait fame Chetan Sharma and debutante actress Rishika Chandani.

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