Karan Mehra Accuses Ex-Wife Nisha Rawal Of Having Extramarital Affairs

Karan accuses Nisha
Karan accuses Nisha

Karan Mehra makes shocking claims against ex-wife after getting bail in domestic violence case

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai lead, Karan Mehra is making news for his troubled relationship with his ex-wife Nisha Rawal. Now Karan has opened up about the relationship. The actor claimed that his wife was in an extramarital relationship since the last 11 months. Although Nisha accused the star of domestic violence, he said she is still staying in the same house. Earlier Karan told one of the reporters that man Nisha is having an affair with has left his wife and kids to live with Nisha.

Nisha accuses Karan of domestic Violence, Karan accuses ex-wife

Nisha accused Karan of domestic violence last year. Recalling the period, she mentioned that it was a difficult period for her. She added that physical violence could be cured, however emotional trauma could not. After he visited the other woman, he disclosed to her about it. Nisha on the other hand hit from her mother and child. On Nisha’s complaint of domestic violence, police arrested Karan under IPC 336, 337, 332, 504, 506 of the IPC on the basis of the statement of the actor’s wife. Later he got released on bail and accused his wife of extramarital affair.

Karan and Nisha
Karan accuses Nisha

Karan accuses ex wife of extra marital affair, responds to her allegations against him

Couple charged each other with serious allegations. While Karan referred Nisha as being seriously abusive, she accused Karan of stealing her money and Jewelry. She also accused Karan of being in an extramarital affair. Recently the actor opened about his troubled marriage.

Incidence before his arrest

Now the actor revealed the incidence that triggered his arrest on May 31. In his interaction with a news portal, the actor said, ‘It is sad that after so many years of marriage this happened. We have been discussing this for the last one month because things have been a bit strange between us for a long time. So, we were thinking that if we should part ways or what should we do. So we were trying to fix things.’ He further added, ‘Nisha’s brother, Rohit Sethiya, had also come to improve things. Later, Nisha and her brother asked for an alimony amount, which was too high, and I said it was not possible for me. Last night also, we spoke about it. He came to me at around 10 pm. When I said it won’t be possible for me, he suggested taking the legal way. After the conversation, I came to my room. I was talking to my mother over the phone when Nisha barged in and started hurling abuses at me, my parents, and my brother. She started shouting loudly and not only that Nisha even spat on me. When I asked Nisha to go out, she threatened me by saying see what I do now and went out. She then smashed her head on the wall, and told everyone that I did it.’

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal accuse each other of serious allegations

Both Karan and his wife Nisha Rawal accused each other. Earlier Nisha  filed an FIR against him a day before and accused the actor of domestic violence

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