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Mumtaz loved Shammi Kapoor but knew her marriage won’t work


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Kapoors were strictly against their bahus working in movies

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Veteren actors Mumtaz and Shammi Kapoor had great on-screen pairing and the audience simply loved their chemistry on the big scree. Both of them danced on the song ‘Aajkal tere mere pyaar ke charche’, and the people hooked on to the pair. Mumtaz was just a mere teenager and merely 16 years old at that time. Although Mumtaz loved Shammi Kapoor she realized that the marriage won’t work. Here is a look at the epic song where it all started.

Mumtaaz said she loved him dearly, but was too young to settle down

During one of the interviews, Mumtaz admitted that they both loved and liked each other. However she felt said she could not marry him. The actress said she was only 17 and the actor was 35. Moreover she wanted to make a career before settling down. However she added that their breakup did not leave any harsh memories. She was confident it would not have worked.

Although Mumtaz loved Shammi Kapoor, still the relationship would not have worked

Mumtaz said that she wanted to Make a career before settling down. And the Kapoor family was against their bahus working in the films. In one of the interviews she disclosed that no one ever believed that were in love and she had refused to marry him. Although Shammi status and position was richer, still she said know to him. However she that he was ever cordial with her. Mumtaz’s appearance in Shammi Kapoor’s Brahmchari was her first big break. She later went on to have a highly successful career in the movies.

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