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Rakhi Sawant suffers a heart break


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Rakhi receives call from Roshina saying Adil Durani is her boyfriend

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Rakhi’s life seems like a never ending melodrama. Hidden in one controversy or the other, she always seems to always be in the news. Although Rakhi is not strange to awkward situations, however this time it was different. Rakhi Sawant suffers Heartbreak when she received a call from Roshina Delavari from Mysore . She claimed that Rakhi’s boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani is infact her boyfriend for the last four years. Although the call confused her, yet she heard what the caller Roshina had to say.

Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant suffers Heartbreak Caller informs Rakhi about her relationship status details

Unidentified caller who referred herself as Roshina informed Rakhi that she was in relationship with Adil since the last 4 years. Besides she also disclosed the details and the time spent with Adil. Roshina also informed Rakhi that the call was to make her alert to stay away from Adil. Additionally she also informed about the 4 years she had with Adil.

Rakhi confronts Adil after the call, Adil denies

When Rakhi confronted Adil about the call, he denied her. He claimed that he was in a relationship with Roshina before, however he is not seeing anyone but her.

Moments of Roshina and Adil Durani

Roshinal Delavari with Adil Khan Durrani

In this picture, both Roshina and Adil Khan Durrani take selfies of each other. Roshina dressed in a brown dress and Adil is wearing a check yellow shirt.

Adil with Roshina attend a Times fashion show. 

Some old pictures of Adil with this girl have come on the social media surfaced on social media and Roshina says that the news about Rakhi and Adil is wrong . They recently had attended a Times Fashion show.

Adil and Sister gift a car to Rakhi Sawant

Earlier, Adil and his sister Shelley gifted a car to Rakhi Sawant. In the conversation with shutterbugs, Rakhi said Adil is my sweetheart and my boyfriend. While in the conversation paparazzi asked what habit do you like the most in Rakhi? He said, “she is very nice lady, she is down to earth”. She jumped in the conversation and reacted, ” God dete hai to chhappar phadaker deta hai. He is such a lovable and such a sweetheart”.

Rakhi Sawant’s relationship with Ritesh

Rakhi disclosed on social media dressed as a newlywed bride that his boyfriend is a businessman. When Rakhi Sawant was inside the reality show Bigg Boss 14, she disclosed her relationship with Ritesh. During the reality show he disclosed how he started the conversation with Rakhi,” Something we’re not going well in my life and I was depressed. I wanted to speak to someone who is not from my profession, I sent hi to her, she blocked me”. Although Ritesh did not disclose that he was married, Roshina call did the damage.

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