Friday, June 9, 2023

SRK’s Statement Went Viral Amidst Adipurush Controversy


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As Adipurush’s controversy picks up, SRK’s old statement about fans remembering him for the VFX has gone Viral. For the unversed, Adipurush’s below par Visual effects have not gone too well with the audience. Read to know more.

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Lately Shah Rukh Movie hasn’t come, however there is hardly a time when he is not thought off. He is undoubtedly the Badshah of Bollywood. Back in 2011 he had made a prophecy for the Bollywood movies. Also, he said that the younger generation shall not watch the Bollywood movies because of its old scripts and methods. After Ra One released, SRK confessed how he wanted to make coming-out-of-age movies for his audience, as he wants to be remembered as an actor who did it all. SRK’s statement went viral as there is a great criticism over the Adipurush’s visual effects. Most of Prabhas fans are highly dejected over childlike special effects in the movie. The special effects have also given rise to many memes.

Shah Rukh Comparison with respect to VFX

Pathaan actor SRK’s statement went viral, actor talked about VFX.

Shah Rukh Khan had long talked about with Preity Zinta how he wished to make an impact with VFX. Additionally, the ace actor expressed a wish to leave an everlasting impact in every field, Romance, Dance, Villain. Besides, the actor also wished that the people perceive as someone who acted in movies with great VFX. SRK’s statement went viral. Here is what he said.

“The industry has given me so much. I feel that when my career ends, I want to leave a mark beyond playing a villain, romancing heroines, and dancing well. I did that for myself. But I want people to look back and think of me when they think about VFX in Indian films. ‘You know that guy Shah Rukh, world-famous Aryan’s dad? It was him’.”

SRK on doing a VFX Movie

Younger generation expects larger than life Cinema, SRK’s statement went Viral

Shah Rukh Khan predicted that younger audiences will lose interest in Bollywood films unless they watch something larger-than-life. And that is expected also. If in the 21st century, we don’t imbibe technology, when will we?

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