5 Interesting Facts About Republic Day That Will Encourage Every Teen To Opt For A Career In Armed Forces

Interesting Facts About Republic Day
Interesting Facts About Republic Day

Republic Day parade is an event that has inspired many youths to take up armed forced as a career choice. It is organised every year on January 26 to commemorate the coming into effect of our Constitution, which is the governing document of our country.

It is also more than the grand parade and tableaux that showcase the military strength. It is also the time to honour remarkable feats of individuals with awards such as Gallantry awards.

All women contingent inspires women to make a career in armed forces

Here are 5 interesting facts that will inspire all teenagers to become army officers representing India on Rajpath –

Fact #1 : The glorious Rajpath

The first republic day parade didn’t happen at Rajpath, which was known by Kingsway at that time. Irwin Stadium (now National Stadium) hosted the first parade in 1950. Rajpath became the permanent venue for the parade from 1955 onwards.

Fact #2 : The 21-gun salute

The cavalier bodyguards of the President salute the National Flag, with a 21 guns salute. It is interesting to know that firing is not done with 21 canons? Instead, 7- cannons of the Indian army, which are known as “25- Ponders” are used for the firing in 3 rounds.

Fact #3 : A special army camp

Armed forces are allocated a special camp near the premises of the India Gate where all the Tanks, Armoured Vehicles are kept for investigation and beautification. Whitewash is performed in 10 stages mostly but this time maybe it will be different.

Fact #4 : Safety and investigation

Each army personnel who participates in the event of the parade has to pass through 4 levels of investigation. Besides this, their arms are thoroughly checked to ensure that their arms are not loaded with live bullets.

Fact #5 : Flypast

The most fascinating part of the event is “flypast”. Responsibility for “flypast” lies on the Western Airforce Command, which involves the participation of around 41 Aircraft. The Aircrafts involved in the parade take off from different centers of the Airforce and reach the Rajpath at a fixed time. A lot of co-ordination and precise execution is required to ensure everything happens as per the schedule.