Besharam Rang Plagiarism Allegations, Pathaan Woes Don’t Seem To End

Pathan alleged for Plagiarism
Pathan alleged for Plagiarism

Fans were eagerly waiting for Shah Rukh’s comeback in Pathaan. Controversies continue to hound the movie. Netizens slammed both the lead actors for their lewd poses and expressions in the song ‘Besharam Rang’. And, if that was not all, the controversial song has made headlines for it is accused of Plagiarism. Read to find out the whole saga.

It just seems that the problems are far from over for SRK comeback movie Pathaan. Some political leaders and netizens slammed the actors for lewdness and obscenity for the song ‘Besharam Rang’. If that wasn’t enough, another controversy has hit the much-awaited movie. Besharam Rang Plagiarism allegations came into highlight.

Pathan alleged for Plagiarism
Pathan alleged for Plagiarism

The controversial song is said to be stolen from the tune of Jain’s 2016 song Makeba. It all started after Deepika Padukone’s Saffron avatar did not go well with many who felt that the actors disrespected the colour symbolizing sacrifice. However, the actors soon found solace in the support from fellow colleagues Onir and Swara Bhaskar.

Pathan Controversy Deepens, Song Besharam Rang Plagiarism Allegations go viral

SRK’s ‘Pathan’ has already got engulfed in controversies even before its release. After the netizens backlashed Deepika and raised objections to her pose and outfit, Besharam Rang plagiarism allegations have gone viral now. The controversy over the film’s recently released song ‘Besharam Rang’ is getting deeper. However, some people have come in support of the actress. Here is who said what about the song. It all began as people made fun of her outfit and actions. Many memes followed on the social media as well.

First to raise objections was Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra objected to some scenes of the song and Deepika’s outfit, alleging that the song was shot with dirty menstruation. Additionally he demanded to change the costumes, else he threatened to ban the movie. The row erupted and demand to ban the movie soon became viral. Even Mahabharat famed actor Mukesh Khanna passed his anger against the release and had harsh words.

‘How can the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) pass this song despite the alleged obscenity. I think our film industry has gone haywire. This is a matter of obscenity, it has nothing to do with any religious issue.”

Mukesh Khanna raised objections to ‘Besharam Rang ‘song

While supporting the shameless song of ‘Pathan’, actress Swara Bhaskar tweeted, “Meet the ruling leaders of our country. Seeing the clothes of actresses gives you leisure, so what if you would have done something.”

Swara Bhaskar lashed out at the political leaders.

Filmmaker Onir and Prakash Raj also lent support as controversy deepens

Filmmaker Onir and actor Prakash Raj came in strong support of the movie. While the latter called them ‘ Besharam Bigots’, the former referred that Judiciary didn’t have any meaning.

Prakash Raj came in support of Deepika
Filmmaker Onir slammed the netizens backlashing the actress

Besharam Rang heightens movie’s boycott, dance too intimidating

Deepika Padukone’s most glamorous avatar is seen in ‘Besharam Song’. Many people are also shocked to see Deepika-Shahrukh’s intimate dance and has not gone too well with them. And the demand for the film’s boycott is gaining momentum. Please tell that ‘Pathan’ will be released on 25 January 2023 next year.

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