Friday, February 23, 2024

Twitter Blue Goes Live Starting Today, Tech Giant Shared News On Platform


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Twitter Blue’s Relaunch is happening today with updated features and added benefits. Updated subscription has several features, privileges and benefits for the account holders.

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Twitter Blue goes live with additional features, privileges and benefits for the holders. The current article explores the additional features that the updated version brings. Additionally, Twitter offers Blue Tick, a feature that requires a preliminary verification process. which will require a preliminary verification process as well. Let’s look at all the available information on the Twitter Blue subscription. Also, Twitter additional features include undoing tweets, making changes to the published tweets, upload lengthy videos and ad free news on popular sites. Initially the paid version was only available in Australia and Canada, it is now available in the USA and New Zealand. Any user who signs for the premium service could read the news ad-free and obtain other services such as edit a published tweet, organize your bookmarks into folders, pin conversations in your DMs, upload videos up to 10 minutes long and more.

Twitter Blue Features
Twitter Blue Features

Interesting Features on Offer as Twitter Blue Goes Live

There is a whole range of exclusive features you can get only on Twitter Blue. Here is everything that the subscriber is expected to know about the monthly subscription service. Before we enlist the features of Twitter Blue, we need to know what it is. Twitter Blue is a subscription service that offers exclusive features for a monthly fee. Often many Twitter users have tweeted about features the platform should have. Incidentally many of these have made to the list.

Popular Twitter features that made its way to the subscription list.

Here are some of the popular requests that made their way into the paid service.

Undo Tweet

Although, it isn’t an edit tool, but offers the user a way to fix a published tweet. In order to do so, one has which 60 seconds to undo a tweet, reply or thread you’ve posted to Twitter.

Twitter Blue Undo Option

Ad Free Articles

Users can now read stories from The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Rolling Stone and more. Besides, there are around forty-five sites other than the ones mentioned above. A piece of your subscription fee goes directly to these sites. Note that “ad-free” applies just to these articles and not elsewhere in Twitter.

Reader for Threads

Long threads are now easier to read thanks to the new Reader Mode. As you scroll through a thread, large tiles will showcase each tweet underneath, displaying only the tweet and any accompanying videos or photos. Distractions like the username, avatar, date and numbers are all gone when enabled. You can also customize text size.

Bookmark folders

One of the unique features of Twitter is Bookmark tweets. Through these, the user can organize the To-Be-Corrected or Messy bookmarks into folders, so that they are easier to be found. Initiating Bookmarking a tweet, the user is asked if you want to add it to a folder.

Bookmark Folders

Custom navigation

Now one can even customize Twitter’s navigation bar and add bookmarks, lists, profile and monetization icons (iOS only).

App Icons

Now Twitter has provided you with a different Twitter app icon for your home screen, permanent icons and seasonal ones (iOS only)


Twitter updated version provides six theme colors: blue (original), yellow, red, purple, orange and green (iOS only).

Other features

Use unreleased experimental features, such as pinned DM conversations and 10-minute-long video uploads (desktop only).

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