Friday, June 2, 2023

After Karan Mehra’s Accusations Continue, Nisha Rawal’s extramarital Affair prompts Rohit Sathia’s wife Nidhi to confront her


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After Karan Mehra accused her estranged wife Nisha Rawal of having an extramarital affair with rakhi brother Rohit Sathia, latter’s wife Nidhi met Nisha in Mumbai and confronted her.

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It is no secret that Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal battle has gone way dirty. Both parties have levied blames on each other’s fidelity. While Nisha blamed Karan for his extramarital affairs while being married to her, he too blamed her for the same. The battle has turned out to be really ugly. Recently Karan questioned Nisha Rawal’s extramarital Affair with her Rakhi brother Rohit Satia. Karan had a press conference during which he claimed that his estranged wife was having an extra-marital affair with Rakhi brother, Rohit Sathia. In the claims, he reported that Rohit is living with Nisha and his son Kavish since the last year at their Mumbai home. There has been news that Rohit’s wife has also flown to Mumbai to sought clarification about the affair.

Karan accuses Nisha
Karan accuses Nisha

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Nisha Rawal’s Extramarital affair prompts Rohit’s wife Nidhi for clarification

Besides the fight between Karan and Nisha, another flight that has flared now is between Nisha and Nidhi( Nisha’s alleged lover). If the news are to be believed, Nidhi has flown to Mumbai to confirm about Nisha Rawal’s extramarital affair. Earlier Karan Mehra alleged that his wife has long had extramarital relationship with her Rakhi brother Rohit Satia. It was only last week that Karan accused his ex wife on cheating with him and living with Rohit Satia.

Karan questioned ex’s affair, says her boyfriend pretended to be her brother

A bitter battle has started between Karan and his ex-wife Nisha Rawal. Going from worse to Dirty, both parties have alleged each other with infidelity. Putting Nisha Rawal’s Extramarital Affairs in the limelight, he alleged that his ex was having relationship with her Rakhi brother Rohit Satia. He claimed that Rohit lived with them for more than one year and had also done her Kanyaadan( a ritual in Hindu Marriage).

Karan and Nisha
Karan accuses Nisha

Additionally, Karan added that a brother sister bond is a pure bond and the whole situation has made it all a joke. Nisha Rawal’s Extramarital Affairs claims has not triggered any official statement from her side. For those unaware of the case, Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal got hitched on November 24, 2012 and blessed with a baby boy Kavish Mehra. Couple were living happy until the trouble started in 2021. Nisha alleged Karan of domestic violence and abuse. Besides she also filed a case against him and family.

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