Payal Rohatgi hits on Nisha Rawal

Karan and Nisha
Karan accuses Nisha

Payal hits on Nisha, shared Karan video

Payal was one of the contestants of the reality show, ‘Lock Up’. Although the show is long over and the contestants now are busy in either work or vacation. However, there is one candidate who has not still accepted her defeat and elimination from the show. Recently Payal hits on Nisha and took a dig at both Munawar and Kangana referring the failure of Dhaakad as their destiny. Furthermore she commented on Nisha Rawal’s personal life and accused her of falsely involving her ex-husband Karan Mehra. Earlier Karan had given an interview in which he accused his ex-wife of doing this to take over his house, money and business. Karan added that he shall fight the battle till he wins. Karan said that his wife does not allow his son to meet him. Also he talks to him only once a week which is very difficult. So far both the parties have alleged infidelity and cheating on each other.

Karan accuses Nisha
Karan accuses Nisha

Payal htis on Nisha accuses of putting false allegations on Karan

Karan accuses ex-wife of extramarital affairs

Karan in an interview accused his ex-wife of having an extra marital affair while living with her husband. She even admitted kissing some person on the reality show Lock Up. However Payal accused Nisha of doing immoral things and using their child as a defense to settle the matter with Karan and make false claims against husband’s family. she wished that Karan could meet his child again and win his respect back legally. Karan and Nisha got married back in 2012. Nisha registered a complaint against the actor. The police arrested Karan but released him on bail in a few hours/

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