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Top 5 Tips That Will Make Your Spa Experience Soulful And Relaxing


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Its time to pamper yourself with a relaxing spa that will refresh and rejuvenate your body and soul. Spas are ideal to take care of both mental and physical wellbeing. Spas are essentially meant for massage but there is a growing trend of using spas for other services as well such as manicure, pedicure, facials and other services. Spas also a perfect environment to indulge in a deep conversation with yourself while the spa therapist is creating magic on your body with his / her fingers.

Spa therapy rejuvenates body and soul

Here are top 5 tips that will make your spa experience more rewarding –

Tip #1 : Reach a few minutes before the scheduled appointment

Arrive earliest on time at least half an hour early for your appointment, it will give a chance to relax your body and any paperwork it required, can be filled up, like many spas are having information about recent surgeries and allergies. If you are having any medical allergies clear them up.

Tip #2 : Spell out your gender preference clearly

Speak to them, if you want any male massage therapist or a female. Also tell your therapist if you want a hot or cold massage. Don’t be silent while booking the appointment.

Tip #3 : Keep yourself hydrated

Before going to Spa therapy drink a lot of water, as it will keep you hydrated throughout the day. You can also have coconut water before the session which also gives good results.

Tip #4 : Remember the ‘no jewellery’ rule

Many women wear their engagement and wedding rings or chains around their necks. Before going to the spa remove all your Jewellery at home, as it will create a disturbance while doing the massage. Put your Jewellery aside, as there might be a chance of getting hurt.

Tip #5 : Wear comfortable clothes

Before going to Spa, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, As the after-effects of Spa will give redness and skin might swell up. Take a fresh bath before going to Spa, it will able to open up your pores, which helps you to get of the dirt that are trapped inside. It gives you freshness and cleaner skin.

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