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Nevertheless Is A Korean Drama That Is Sweet And Realistic At The Same Time


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Nevertheless, is based on a popular Korean drama that has won a lot of admirers all over the globe. The producer and director of the series is Kim Ga-Ram and Han So-Hee. It is based on a popular webtoon story. It is a sweet romantic love story but also shows the realistic side of a romance, something which is not always a fairy tale.

Nevertheless is an unconventional love story between two friends – Yoo Na-bi (Han) a heartbroken woman who no longer believes in love due to her past experience and Park Jae-eon(Song) who enjoys flirting but does not want to commit to a relationship. 

Nevertheless is a romantic love story with a realistic approach

It shows sweet romance and heart-fluttering moments that happen despite adverse situations that the main protagonists may be going through in their lives. It tries to showcase the fact that life brings all kinds of experiences and one should learn the art of staying happy in both good and bad situations.

The chemistry between the lead actors in the film is matchless.

The actors justify their roles with powerful performances

Yoo Na-bi is a sculpting student at Hongseo University. She has been in a relationship where her boyfriend used to make a sexual sculpture of women. He used to dominate and control her all the time. Fed up with an abusive partner, she decided to break up with him and move on.

Oh Bit -Na (Yang Haye-Ji) encourages Na -Bi to sort her relationship with her boyfriend but she remains relentless.

Later she meets Jae-On and finds him a fun-loving person and charming person. What happens next is a secret and you should watch the movie to know how their love progresses despite all odds.

It is a sweet romantic love story of two classmates who fall in love with each other.

The film is highly recommended to watch with your family and friends.

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