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Will Smith was going through the therapy after the Oscar incident


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Will’s therapy after Oscars helped him to heal

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According to reports, Will Smith went through therapy after the Oscar incident. The sources, Will’s therapy after Oscars helped him to heal. On the Oscar night Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the live event of Oscar ceremony. The video went viral on the social media, and even the Academy banned the actor. When comedian Chris Rock, joked about Jada Pinkett Smith’s scalp condition Alopecia, Will laughed it out initially. However later he punched Chris on the face. The unpopular Slapgate scandal went viral soon and even Bollywood stars gave their reactions. The Hollywood star Will Smith won the Best Actor award for the biopic on “King Richard” later that evening. Also, the actor apologized for his outburst reaction.

Chris Rock made fun of Jada Smith’s skin condition

Jada suffers from skin condition Alopecia leading to the loss of hair. Get to know the disease and celebrities who suffered.


Alopecia is a disease that usually occurs when human immune systems attack the hair follicles. The disease results in total hair loss from the scalp or from the entire areas of the body. Also its symptoms shows small bald patches when hair starts losing. The video to understand the causes and cures.

Hollywood Celebrities who suffered from Alopecia

Jada Smith

She Shared her feelings about her condition Alopecia. Jada said, “I have the issue with hair loss, and it was a terrifying time when I notice my hair are falling out in the shower”. She further added, ” I was literally shaking in fear”.

Jada Smith

Ayanna Pressley

Ayanna Pressley, a U.S Representative, and an American politician wrote on twitter about the Will Smith incident. Here is what she shared.

Zara Lena Jackson

Zara Lena Jackson also a victim of Alopecia, posted on Instagram regarding the infamous incident she wrote, “Wow what a day it’s been following drama at the Oscars, last night”. She continued to write that despite differences of opinion on the events that occurred, the outcome has been outstanding. It created awareness for Alopecians like us and caused waves around this testing condition”

Jada Pinkett Smith revealed family is healing

Jada recently opened up on one of the show post incident. Additionally she shared on the latest season of the talk show, Red Table Talk, she said, ” Smith family is currently focused on “deep healing”.

Jada Smith reveals about family’s healing

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