BTOB shares first music video teaser for upcoming title track ‘The Song’

BTOB upcoming title track ‘The Song’
BTOB upcoming title track ‘The Song’

BTOB has shared the first music video teaser for the album’s title track ‘The Song’ ahead of the group’s upcoming release ‘Be Together’.

The short clip shows the members writing letters that end up in an abandoned pile, and cuts to them alone in different settings, as they appear to be waiting for someone. The teaser ends with a cinematic aerial shot of BTOB walking towards a lone letter-box stationed in the middle of a snow covered track.

BTOB also dropped an audio snippet for ‘Be Together’, the group’s upcoming third studio album. Additionally, BTOB had also released a mood sampler titled ‘Dear. BLUE’, comprising shots of the members penning letters, overlaid with the audio of BTOB’s Peniel narrating a letter, describing the ‘Meaning of BLUE’.

As BTOB’s official fan colour is described as ‘Slow Blue’, and the group had also released a teaser highlighting the phrase ‘Love is BLUE’, so far, the signs seem to indicate that the group’s upcoming album ‘Be Together’ is a love letter of sorts to their fans.